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Red Bull Design Quest Highlights

Highlights from all the Red Bull Design Quest videos featuring Simone Barraco, Anthony Perrin, Matthias Dandois and Stefan Lantschner, hitting various street spots throughout Italy.
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Red Bull Phenom – Tony Hamlin

Probably the one rider that will get to the X Games with his Red Bull Phenom entry without a doubt. Tony Hamlin is no joke, no joke at all. This is epic.
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Transfert Magazine Issue 3 Now Online

OK, I must admit, I never heard for the Transfert magazine from France before, but I guess batter late than never. Their third issue is now online and ready for you to check it out. Even if you don’t understand French, there are plenty of good photos in it from the Red Bull Skylines event, Alex Valentino, Diogo Santos and more.

Red Bull – Garrett Reynolds’ Ultimate Challenge

Get yourself a chance for a trip to X Games and a private session with Red Bull pro rider Garrett Reynolds by entering the Ultimate Challenge contest. Open for the residents of Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee and Wisconsin. Get all the rules up on Red Bull.

Terry Adams Riding Flatland On Water

In case you missed this amazing web video it is now back online and ready for the whole world to see it. Terry Adams met up with Red Bull teammate Adam Errington in Florida to get a photo shooting done for Red Bull. Not just a regular photo shooting, but a photo shooting of Terry riding flatland on water while Adam is jumping over him on a wakeboard. This is rad.
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Terry Adams In Monterrey, Mexico

Terry Adams recently spent some time in Monterrey, Mexico to get some shows done for Red Bull. When not doing shows, he was searching for the most iconic spots to film clips to get this amazing clip done. It is always good seeing new stuff from Terry.
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Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate – Riding Film

Wooot! Red Bull’s street trial rider Danny MacAskill has been working on this amazing film for two years now and the final product that just dropped is unbelievable. Danny’s skills on that bike and the whole imaginary style setup are something you will enjoy watching and when it will end, you will watch it again. I actually don’t know how to describe, how awesome this really is. Must see.
I know it is not BMX, but to hell with it, I am not gonna miss it.
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Red Bull Phenom – Inuk Siegstad

I am not 100% sure if all these clips from Inuk Siegstad from his Red Bull Phenom entry are new (if you ask me, they are not), but to hell with it, Inuk is tech all day and last wizardy footjam tailwhips were insane. Check it.
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Red Bull Phenom – Dragoslav Montalvo

Just got a new Red Bull Phenom entry in my inbox and like all the others we posted, this one also will not disappoint you. Dragoslav Montalo is a 19 years old, Matehuala, Mexico based rider who goes pretty hard wen it comes to riding a BMX bike. One minutes of street and park moves filmed over the course of three weeks, enjoy.
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Red Bull Phenom – Billy Perry

We saw Billy Perry’s mind blowing Follow The Leader web edit a few days back and here he is already with a new collection of footage. This is his entry for the Red Bull Phenom contest, to get a chance to ride at the X Games Los Angeles Street. Billy is a street machine and I am sure judges will have some serious problem picking who will go to X Games. Last line is “wooow.”
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