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Red Bull Phenom – Daniel Portorreal

Entries for the Red Bull Phenom are getting wilder and wilder. We didn’t saw much from Daniel Portorreal in the past, but his one minute long clip for the Phenom is really good and made me wanna see more from this dude. Lines on lines, trick combos on trick combos, skills and style for mile. Last line with the long nose manual was the best.
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[Re-Up] Drew Bezanson Returns To Joyride 150

What the bloody hell did I just watched? Is there even possible to make even crazier edit than Drew Bezanson’s last Joyride 150 edit? Of course it is, if your name is Drew Bezanson. I really don’t find the right words to describe this insanity, cause there almost is no right word to describe it. Drew always stood out from the crowd, but this? Must see.
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Red Bull Design Quest – The Story

The Red Bull Design Quest trip around Italy is over and when saw all the videos already, but if you are still asking yourself why did Anthony Perrin, Simone Barraco, Stefan Lantschner and Matthias Dandois went on this trip, above is the story behind it, with words from all four of them.
– Torino
– Milan
– Pescara And Bologna
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Power Hour – Daniel Sandoval

Power Hour: Daniel Sandoval – More BMX Videos

An hour of park insanity with one of the best rider in the game and the newest Red Bull crew member, Daniel Sandoval. What to say about this guy, he sure has too much skills and his bag of trick is really deep. Daniel is a rider that can do pretty much everything and he is no stranger to technical stuff nor insane air combos.
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Behind The Scenes – Drew Bezanson’s Joyride 150 Edit

OK, you have probably seen the new Drew Bezanson web edit filmed at the Joyride 150 below. I know you still can not breath right, because it blow you away. But here are already the behind the scenes, showing you the back story how his new edit was done. Drew “just” likes going big and jumping from one side of the skatepark to another.
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Red Bull Framed Reactions Teaser

Kraakhelder Productions dropped this teaser for the upcoming video/video highlights from the las Saturday’s Red Bull Framed Reaction contest that went down at the Wastergas fabric in Amsterdam. Stay tuned for the full video.

Red Bull Framed Reactions Action Clip

This past weekend, Saturday, June 8th, 2013, worlds best 16 riders compete at the Red Bull Framed Reactions contest in Amsterdam, Netherlands and here is one of the first clips from the day. The course is, um, unreal? next level? from another planet? Watch Daniel Sandoval, Harry Main, Drew Bezanson, Pat Casey, Ben Wallace and more shredding the course. Amazing.
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Red Bull Framed Reactions Results

The Red Bull Framed Reactions that took place in Amsterdam yesterday is over and I am pretty sure everyone who watched were blown away by the course design and pulled tricks. The first place went to Canadian, Drew Bezanson, second to Ben Wallace and third place to Pat Casey. Now lets wait for the first video highlights to drop.

Daniel Wedemeijer On Red Bull

After working really hard with Red Bull for the Framed Reactions project that went down yesterday in Netherlands, Daniel Wedemeijer has now officially joined the crew. Mankind also did a quick interview with Daniel about the whole story behind Red Bull Framed Reaction, so head over there, you may learn something new.

Red Bull Dirt Conquers By ION Camera

Here are the iOn Camera’s version of highlights from the Red Bull Dirt Conquers that went down in Guadalajara, Mexico. They shot some really good clips with that small camera from Leandro Moreira, Corey Bohan, Ryan Nyquist, AJ Anaya and more.
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