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Redline – Brandon Christie Video Interview

Redline Brandon Chrisitie Interview from Redline Bicycles on Vimeo.

Redline out together a video interview filmed during 2013 Texas Toast Jam with Brandon Christie. Find out more about Brandon, when he started, what he will be doing if not riding BMX bikes, his favorite trick and more along with some sweet action clips in the video above.
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Redline – Glenn Salyers 2013 Edit

Glenn Salyers and Redline are out with a fresh new piece that will blow you away. From techical street stuff to big and solid moves, this edit has it all. For me the highlights was definitely that crazy 180 to toothpick on a rail down stairs. Hit play and see it for yourself. Seen on TCU.
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2013 Texas Toast Jam – Redline’s Highest Vert Wall Carve

Redline crew built this vert wall at the 2013 Texas Toast Jam this year and threw a contest on to see who is the guy that can go the highest. To no one’s surprise it was young shredder Tyler Fernengel who boosted the highest vert wall carve.

Zack Gerber Video Bike Check

Zack Gerber runs you through his current Redline setup and nails down a couple hot moves for a good measure. I must admit, the army green colorway with black splatter looks pretty damn good. Check it out. Filmed and edited by Jeff Tabb.
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Interbike 2013 By Vital BMX – Part 3

Federal at Interbike 2013 – More BMX Videos

Now lets get inside some of your favorite brands that were showing some of their new products at the Interbike 2013, produced by Vital BMX. So, above and after the jump you will find short product videos from Federal, Demolition, Odyssey, Sunday Bikes, Snafu, Cult, Merritt, Failure, Deluxe, VP Components, Primo, Tree, Redline and Mutant. I was really looking forward to see what Mutant has in store and they came out with a few really sweet products/designs.
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Redline – Josh Hult’s Day In Dirt

Redline’s Josh Hult having a session at his backyard trails setup in Idaho. All filmed in just one session. Josh is a beast on a bike. Last double tailwhip and especially opposite double tailwhip were amazing. Josh goes big and big only.
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Glenn Salyers For Redline 2013

One serious street edit from Glenn Salyers for his sponsor Redline. Tons and tons of heavy moves in here, mostly grinds and also a few creative ones. Glenn is killing it all the freaking time and this is another good proof. Premiered on the TCU.
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Redline – Glenn Salyers And Zack Gerber Split Edit

Glenn Salyers and Zack Gerber going wild and technical for their sponsor Redline. They maybe didn’t went all in for this split piece, but there are still a few crazy moves in here from both of the guys. Last rail hop from Zack is as huge as it can be.
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Redline Texas Tour Video

This spring Redline riders went on a trip to Texas, to shred streets, ditches and trails around Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. This video that they filmed on the road will be featured on the extended Redline Texas Tour DVD dropping later this year. With a heavy crew as Redline’s is, mad stuff will go down and this is a good proof.
Riding from Brandon Dosch, Tyler Fernengel, Josh Hult, Zack Gerber, Glenn Salyers, Brandon Christie and Flip.
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Redline – Glenn Salyers Spring 2013 Edit

Glenn Salyers came out hot with his spring 2013 web edit for his sponsor Redline. I really like how he became from one sick sketaprk rider one sick street rider. Roof drops, rails, gaps, you name it, this guy will pull it all. Nollie to elevator was sweet. Enjoy.
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