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Downlow Apparel – Perth X Albany

Downlow Apparel – “Perth X Albany” from Downlow Apparel on Vimeo.

Downlow Apparel crew recently took a two day long trip to Albany, which is located in the southern part of Australia, and came back with some really enjoyable stuff. I always am stoked seeing new web pieces from this crew, cause I simply know non of them will be crap.
Featuring Rex Cubic, Callan Stibbards, Luke Cridland, Liam Thomas, Calvin Kosovich, Jordan Dentamaro and Luke Turner.
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Downlow Apparel “Lost Tapes #2” – Rex Cubic

Really dope piece, made out of a leftover footage from filming for Downlow Apparel’s Mixtape, that dropped a few months back, featuring Rex Cubic. The quality, the song, the riding, everything fits together perfectly.
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Rex Cubic Welcome To Downlow Apparel

Western Australia based clothing brand, Downlow Apparel, added a new member to their crew, Rex Cubic, and here is his introductional edit. Rex is on fire, grinding stuff both sides, regular and opposite, pulling big barspins and having fun. The elevator to feeble to manual to 180 was hot.
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Downlow Apparel – Flat Ledge Night’s

The Downlow Apparel guys Luke Cridland, Liam Thomas, Rex Cubic, Calvin Kosovich and Callan Stibbards, hit up the Crimea concrete park for a night session and this is what they came out with. A really solid and fun edit, full of nice grind moves and lines.
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Downlow Apparel – Digging At The Rails

Downlow Apparel riders Calvin Kosovich, Graeme Scott and Rex Cubic spent a lazy Sunday afternoon searching for a spot to get a session down, but actually made themselves a fun one, that I am sure all you guys who live somewhere near, will be constantly shredding it. Check out some rail madness.
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Get Jipped Full Video

Get Jipped video was in the works for the past two years in western Australia and is now here for you to check out. It features Jaymin King, Warren Bowers, Rex Cubic and Boots. If you are drinking coffee like me and have time, click play and check it out.