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New Ride BMX Cover, Issue 198

This is the first look at the cover for the 198th issue of the Ride BMX magazine featuring Shawn McIntosh going insane at the famous Wilshire rail spot. I don’t even wanna think what would happen if he caught one of those poles… damn. Head over to Ride site to check what’s inside this magazine.

Albuquerque Scene Report

If you do not know how strong the BMX scene over in Albuquerque is, you better watch the scene report video above, that was made for the Ride BMX magazine. Lot of talented and very skilled riders over there and some really amazing spots to ride.
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New Ride BMX Cover, Issue 197

Opposite double peg grind to gap in Athens, Greece from Ben Lewis is what you will be seeing on the cover of the 197th issue of the Ride BMX magazine. Find out what is inside this issue over on their web site.

Learn To Grind With Tony Neyer

I know this is not important for some of you, but it is really helpful for all of the kids out there who are just getting in the game of BMX. Tony Neyer and Ride BMX teamed up to get this “basic” how to video done to show you a few variations how to use your pegs.
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2013 NORA Cup Full Show

Like each year after the NORA Cup awards, Ride BMX puts all the videos from the show on the web and this year they did the same. So, above and after the jump you can watch all the stuff that went down during the show, while announcing NORA winners. Especially if you were not there, here you have it now.
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New Ride BMX Cover, Issue 196

Super stylish 360 lookback from Clint Reynolds at Catty Woods got him a cover for the 196th issue of the Ride BMX magazine. Head over to their web site to check out what this issue will be all about.

Ankle Book By Fathead

Ride UK BMX put together some random clip of Fathead and his time spent on the streets. Just raw stuff, nothing fancy, but still a few solid grind moves. Fathead always brings a smile on my face and this time is no different, enjoy.
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2013 NORA Cup Top 5 Nominees

A little more than a week away, on Sunday, October 22nd at the Emo’s in Austin, Texas, and we will have the 2013 NORA Cup winner, but until then, click read more and check out the list of top five riders in each category Ride BMX threw together.
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New Ride BMX Cover, Issue 195

Jared Eberwein scored the cover for the 195th issue of the Ride BMX magazine with this proper 360, shot by Keith Mulligan. Find out what is inside this issue by check out their web site.

Interbike 2013 By Ride BMX Part 4

This time around Ride BMX has been focused on the We Make Things people, so what that means is that you will be seeing the completely new footwear line from Almond and new Eclat and Wethepeople products. Along with that they also hit up Tony Malouf to talk about the new version of his signature BSD frame. Check more after the jump.
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