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Daniel Dhers Interview

27 years old Daniel Dhers, who recently signed with Specialized, has an interview up on Ride BMX talking about trips, riding, the story behind Specialized, contests and more.

Timmy Theus Interview

For this weeks “Friday Interview” Ride BMX sat down with 22 years old Timmy Theus.

What’s the situation like with your mouth/jaw that you damaged really badly on last year’s Cult/Vans trip?

I’ve got one tooth on the bottom that has to be replaced…I just quit going, I was over it…like…the tooth is there. I don’t need to go to replace it. When it falls out, I’ll get it done. But they put this thing in there, where all they gotta do is screw this titanium rod into this thing they put in there, then put a permanent tooth over it. And right now, this one is connected to my retainer, my permanent retainer from when I had braces, so it’s not going anywhere. All the top is done though. And I might have to get plastic surgery on my lip. My mom wants me to do it. I probably should, all that scar tissue isn’t good…like, I know y’all don’t notice it, but me…it’s still swollen, so when I see photos of myself, that’s the first thing. I can see it because it’s a little bigger. But it hasn’t changed shit. Everything’s still the same. I’ve actually been texting the girl I’d been kicking it with at the time and she said she’s gonna cook me dinner soon [laughter].

Park Mix Tape

It is Monday and time for another Ride BMX Monday Edit, featuring Joey Motta, Derek Dorame, Bobby Kanode, Nate Richter, Cory Wiergowski, Joe Poisson, Victor Salazar and more riding this concrete park.
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Timmy Theus Ride BMX Bike Check

Cult, Sun Ringle, Vans, Flaw Brand and The Gully Factory shredder Timmy Theus has a bike check up on Ride BMX.

Ben Lewis Ride BMX Interview

Ride BMX’s Friday interview is here with 27-year old Ben Lewis.
“You don’t have to look any further than the countless new web videos dropping every day to see that there is no shortage of talent in BMX. But with so many cookie cutter edits featuring riders doing the same latest hot new moves, it can only hold my attention for so long—and that’s what makes me appreciate a rider like Ben Lewis even more. Not only did Ben probably do all of the latest hot moves before there were even names for them yet, but his combination of tricks, style, and use of spots makes it undeniable that he’s been putting in work on the streets for years—and I respect that.”– Jeff.

Gabe Brooks Ride BMX Interview

Kink, Demolition, Quintin and OSS shredder Gabe Brooks has an interview up on Ride BMX. He talks about how he got started riding, being a gymnast, gang banging, prison and a lot more.

Ride BMX’s 2011 Covers & The Stories Behind Them

Ride BMX picked up nine lucky riders who scored the cover of their magazine. Head over there to get a behind the photo story on each cover photo from the photographer who shot it.

Christian Rigal Ride Wallpaper

I usually don’t post Ride BMX’s wallpapers, but I think this one deserves it. Not just because of the trick but because of those twisted tires.

New Ride BMX Cover

This is the cover for the new issue of Ride BMX, issue 179. It features this massive over grind from Josh Harrington in Columbus, Ohio, pulled in first try. Read what you can find inside the issue here.

Ride BMX / The Monday Edit – Introducing Brian Banghart

“When Brian Banghart isn’t busy digging on his backyard dirt jumps or studying engineering he spends his time custom building 650cc go carts and dropping V8?s into old Nissans. The go cart turned out to be a good way to film lines at the trails as well. For this edit we also squeezed in sessions at the Morrison trails, Valmont bike park, and Boulder skatepark.”– Dylan Pfohl, RideBMX.