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Interbike 2013 By Ride BMX Part 3

More from Interbike 2013 by people over at Ride BMX. This time here you have new products from Trip, Eastern Bikes, Animal Bikes and Tree Bikes. Ty Morrow shows you new T-shirt designs, Adam Banton the eight version of the Grim Ripper frame, Tyrone Williams the new top load stem from Animal Bikes and Sam Schulte explains the new 20mm hub and fork combo. Find more after the jump.
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Interbike 2013 By Ride BMX Part 2

Fly Bikes
The second batch of product videos from the Interbike 2013 from Ride BMX is here and it includes new parts and products from Fly Bikes, Deluxe, Bone Deth, Fairdale, ODI and Merritt. A lot of new stuff will be there on the market in the coming months, from new Devon Smillie Fuego line from Fly, to all the new goodies from Merritt, ODI, Bone Deth and the rest of the brands. Watch more videos afterthe jump.
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Interbike 2013 By Ride BMX

Like I sad, the next few days will be pretty much all about Interbike 2013 and new products from all the brands that are on the market. Ride BMX present you short videos from brands like Subrosa, Stolen, United, Revenge Industries, S&M Bikes, Kink and Fit Bikes to show you all kind of different products they brought to the show. From Christian Rigal’s signature frame from United, to Simone Barraco’s new Noster frame and everything in between.
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Tammy McCarley’s Monday Edit

Tammy McCarley is always coming out with something hot and his Ride BMX Monday edit is no different. So much good stuff with two highlights for me, icepick to toothpick stall to over to fakie and the last over icepick stall and back to nose manual. So much style Tammy has and everything looks so clean. Enjoy.
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New Ride BMX Cover, Issue 194

First Volume Bikes print ad and now cover for the 194th issue of Ride BMX magazine, Drew Hosselton is no joke and he is no stranger to riding wild and tight setups, like that rail spot you see on the cover. Go and find out what’s inside the magazine on Ride.

The Hunt 2012 – Ed Zunda

And here we have it now, finally. The winning section from The Hunt 2012 video contest featuring no other than Ed Zunda has dropped on the web as part of Ride BMX’S Monday Edits. Three minutes of solid street riding, style and simply amazing stuff. Ed really killed it with his section and no wonder why he earned himself a spot on the Odyssey team and a trip to Hawaii. If by any chance you haven’t seen this thing yet, you must watch it now, I guarantee you, you’ll gonna enjoy it and you’ll get pumped enough to go out and throw down a session with your friends.
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Anthony “Boy” Flores Primo Ad

Anthony Flores aka Boy with a really sick x-up grind down this kinked rail, with a little gap, for Primo’s latest print ad that can be found in the newest Ride BMX issue, issue 193, shot by Jeff Z. You can watch this move pulled in his latest Primo edit, along with other solid street stunts.

New Ride BMX Cover, Issue 193

Broc Raiford scored the cover of the latest issue of the Ride BMX issue, the already 193 number. A really good black and white pic of Broc jumping over this gap and pulling a tailwhip.

How To Crooked Grind With Scott Ditchburn

You are going to learn a really popular grind right now, the crooked grind. Ride BMX got together with England’s Scott Ditchburn to get all the finest details about how to get this trick done. Try it on a thin rail first is definitely a good advice, cause those fat square rails will get you in trouble.
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Edwin De La Rosa Dan’s Comp Print Ad

You are looking at Dan’s Comp’s latest print ad that can be found in the 2013 August issue of Ride BMX magazine and features Animal Bikes’ Edwin De La Rosa with a stylish smith grind.
If we are already talking about Edwin, watch his and Tom White’s section from the Fit “FitLife” video below. Killed it.