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Raul Ruiz Dan’s Comp Ad

Dan’s Comp’s latest print ad featuring Raul Ruiz going with style on a bank to promote Wethepeople, Primo, Quintin and Ipath products. You can find this ad in the 191st issue of the Ride BMX magazine.

Full Factory Ramps Edit

The good people over at the Full Factory built new ramps and made them as colorful as possible. For an “opening” session they’ve invited a bunch of riders and today Ride BMX dropped the video from the session as part of their Monday Edits. These look even funner due to colors. Featuring Gary Young, Kye Hart, Albert Mercado and more.
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New Ride BMX Cover, Issue 191

This is the cover of the new, 191st, issue of the Ride BMX magazine featuring Iz Pulido pulling amazing crank arm grind down this kinked rail. If you are curious what this issue will feature, check what’s inside up on Ride.

How To Backwards Grind To Indian With Eric Bahlman

This is actually a how to for 180 to backwards double peg to switch (indian) 180 out, but I went with the same title as Ride BMX did. Eric Bahlman will pretty much share with you everything you need to know about this grind combo. Find a flat ledge and start practicing.
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Sean Sexton Odyssey Ad

Latest Odyssey print ad featuring Sean Sexton with one big toothpick 360 over a rail and drop to promote and announce that his signature SXTN top load stem is available now. This one can be found in the new issue of the Ride BMX magazine. Seen on Defgrip.

How To Footplant Tailwhip With Drew Hosselton

You don’t see much riders doing a footplant tailwhip these days, but believe me, this is one fun trick and now you can learn it with Ride BMX and Drew Hosselton. Click play, get all the informations you need and than go out and learn it.
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Danny Josa Profile

If you are following Danny Josa on Instagram, than you already know he spent some time in Australia, to be exact, three months. Ride now dropped a web edit of his, where he shreds all the well known Australian skateparks and brings out his amazing style and big tricks. Enjoy.
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Broc Raiford Dan’s Comp Ad

This is the newest Dan’s Comp print ad that you will find in the newest issue of the Ride BMX magazine, featuring Broc Raiford. Quite a lot of riders are featured in this issue of Ride, so you definitely need to pick it up for some interesting content.

Dennis Enarson Demolition Ad

This is Demolition’s latest print ad that you will find in the latest issue of the Ride BMX magazine, featuring Dennis Enarson with one crazy wallride to downside tailwhip and their Trooper plastic pedals.

Tony Neyer Interview

Ride BMX posted an interview with Tony Neyer to talk about what he has been up to lately, the move into a new place, Danps Comp, trip, Primo, future plans for this year and more. Go read it if you wanna know more about Tony.