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Behind Ride BMX, Issue 190 Cover With Ryan Fudger

Here is a quick behind shooting the cover of the 190th issue of the Ride BMX magazine edit with Ryan Fudger, talking about Stevie Churchill’s massive truck driver, pulled at this wild spot in Arizona.

New Ride BMX Cover, Issue 190

Head over to the Ride BMX web site to find out what you can find in the 190th issue of the magazine, which cover belongs to Stevie Churchill and this massive truck driver.

Simple Session 2013 – Friday Practice Video

More from Simple Session 2013 Friday practice, this time from Ride BMX. It really shows that riders got more comfortable with the ramps, rails and ledges, cause the video above includes some serious riding. I was really waiting for someone to pull a nose manual on that curved ledge and Trey Jones is the one who pulled it without any big problems. I also can not wait to see Mark Mulville’s run, cause this guy can pull a million tricks in just one go.
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Behind Ride BMX, Issue 189 Cover With Jeff Zielinski

Watch Jeff Zielniski talking about shooting the cover of Ride BMX’s most recent issue, issue 189, with Tony Hamlin pulling a sick 360 lookback into a ditch.

Randy Brown S&M Ad

This is S&M latest print ad from Ride BMX magazine which features Randy Brown getting a nice wallride down. They also want to inform you that Randy’s RBV2 signature frames are back and ready for you to shred.

Colin Winkelmann’s Section From Pro Town

We are one day late, but it doesn’t matter. Yesterday, February 26th, would have been Colin Winkelmann’s 37th birthday and in tribute Ride BMX dropped his section from Mark Losey’s Pro Town documentary. It can easily be sad that Colin was living his life to it’s fullest and enjoying every second of it. Colin, may you rest in peace.
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Allan Cooke On Certified Helmets

Ride BMX caught up with Allan Cooke, while spending some time in Woodward Tahoe with the Bell team, to get some insides from Allan himself on wearing un-certified and certified helmets. When you know that Allan was knocked out for about 15 to 20 times and ever since he is wearing the certified helmet he didn’t get knocked himself out yet, it definitely tells a lot.
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Corey Martinez Dan’s Comp Ad

This is a look at Dan’s Comp’s latest print ad featuring Corey Martinez and the gear he is running. This ad can be found in the March/April issue of the Ride BMX magazine.

The History Of Matt Beringer’s House

There is a really good interview and tons of cool photos up on Ride BMX site with Matt Beringer about his legendary backyard. Find out which ramp was build first, about that crazy garage bowl, what neighbors were thinking about the whole place and a lot more.

Morgan Long Stolen Ad

Stolen’s latest print ad features Morgan Long boosting an euro table out of this wild transition and the Joint tire. This ad can be found in the newest issue of the Ride BMX magazine, issue 189.