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New Ride BMX Cover, Issue 189

This is the cover of the 189th issue of the Ride BMX magazine featuring Tony Hamlin with a 360 lookback into “a big ‘ol ditch”. This issue will also feature an interview with the cover boy along with various other contest, that you can find out on their site.

Timmy Theus 2012 Mix

I really do not know what is happening with Ride BMX’s player, because every single time they put out a new video it just wont play for several hours. Well, it started working now, so we are finally able to watch the new/old Timmy Theus 2012 mix web edit, filmed mostly at the House skatepark in Austin, Texas and some street. Timmy’s is pulling tricks really smoothly and goes pretty damn high with his pop.
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Wethepeople Trust Complete Bike Promo

Last week Wethepeople riders, Dylan Stark, Chester Blacksmith, Andrew Jackson and Pete Sawyer, visited Transworld indoor skatepark to test out Wethepeople’s Trust complete bike. What a better way to give a complete bike on a test to one of your best riders?This bike will also go in a giveaway via Ride, so stay tuned.
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How To Fast Plant 360 With Pete Sawyer

While spending some time at the Transworld skatepark, Pete Sawyer got asked to do a how to fast plant 360. Pete has these on lock, so click play and listen from the best. Fast plant 360 can be done almost everywhere, so it sure is something to ad to your list of tricks.
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Animal Bikes 2012 Ads

Animal Bikes threw together all the print ads that they ran in different magazines, Ride BMX, Dig, The Albion and Ride UK, over the past year. Flip through this photo gallery that you will find here.

Happy Hour With Tony Neyer & Van Homan

In 2012 Tony Neyer and Van Homan broke, one his tibia and the other his fibula and that happened just a week a part. Recently Tony and Van sat down with Ride BMX to talk about the injury and the recovery process. Please do check this one, there are some good tips in here, especially for all you who are pressuring to hard.
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Brett Rohlfing’s Best Of 2012

Brett Rohlfing was a really busy guy over the past year, filming stuff for various projects for Ride BMX, BMX Union, Freegun Underwear and many more. He went through all of his footage, picked the best and made this Best Of 2012 edit. Plenty of really good stuff in here.
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Jackson Ratima Bike Check

Head over to the Ride BMX website to check Stolen’s, Primo’s, Quintin’s, Lotek’s and Baygame’s shredder’s, Jackson Ratima’s, current Stolen Legion setup.

Bengo Fit Ad

Take a peek at Fit Bikes’ latest print ad featuring their UK rider Bengo and the 24mm Indent cranks. This one can be found in thelatest issue of Ride BMX magazine. Just to inform you, they have the new 24mm cranks tool out.

[Re-Up] Brian Kachinsky’s 2012 Ride / DK Edit

The moment we have all been waiting for is here. Brian Kachinsky’s 2012 Ride BMX / DK Bicycles web edit just dropped and is even more amazing that I expected. Crazy gaps, nollie grinds, gaps to grinds, wallrides, crazy curved rails and more. Must see.
The edit is now embeddable and ready to get spread around the web.
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