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Kevin Kiraly Macneil Ad

Take a peek at Macneil’s newest print ad, featuring Kevin Kiraly doing it for his signature Varsity frame, that should be out early 2013. Expect specifications and more photos to drop very soon. You will be seeing this ad in the 188th issue of Ride BMX.

Tom Dugan Odyssey Ad

This is Odyssey’s latest print ad featuring Tom Dugan pulling an opposite 360 off of a roof and his signature Dugan gloves. This gloves not only protect your hands, but are also the one where you can answer your phone or write a message without taking them off. You will found this ad in the 188th issue of Ride BMX.

Brian Kachinsky Interview

Monday, December 17th, is closer and closer and so is Ride Monday edit they will drop featuring Brian Kachinsky. No doubt the edit will be one of the best Brian ever put out, so they decided it is the right time to sat down with him, to talk about the past year, injuries, riding, daily riding day, this upcoming edit and more. Click here to read the interview.

Corey Martinez DUO Ad

Corey Martinez is featured on DUO Brand’s latest print ad, from the issue 170 of the Ride BMX magazine, pulling this wild 180 to double peg to trundown out, to promote his signature grips.

Steven Hamilton Animal Ad

This is Animal Bikes’ latest print ad, featuring the one and only Steven Hamilton, jumping over this rail, shot on the streets of North Philly. This one was featured in the 187th issue of the Ride BMX magazine and can be checked in full after the jump.
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Brian Kachinsky’s 2012 Ride / DK Edit Teaser

Brian Kachinsky is known by some crazy ass gaps and on the other hand by some really nasty crashes. But nothing can stop Brian and this teaser for his upcoming Ride BMX X DK Bicycles edit, that will drop next Monday, December 17th, is showing exactly that, his toughness. Crashes, raw clips and lifestyle. Definitely looking forward to this one.
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Fat Tony Interview

Adam Christopher Taylor or better known as Fat Tony has an interview up on the Cycling World Online web site, where he talks about how he get into BMX, working for Ride BMX, story about Fat Tony Enterprise, must have tools for when he go on a shoot and more. Click here and read it.

Cult Ride BMX Ad

This is Cult’s latest print ad, that was shot during filming for the Talk Is Cheap DVD, and can be found in the 187th issue of the Ride BMX magazine. A sweet little rail hop by some of the crew.

Behind The Cover With Dakota Roche

Jeff Zielinski surprises Dakota Roche with the cover of Ride’s most recent issue and that gets a little behind the scenes word on how this wallride even happened. When you will watch the new Cult “Talk Is Cheap” DVD, you will actually see how crazy this thing was.
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New Ride BMX Cover, Issue 188

This is the cover of the 188th issue of the Ride BMX magazine. Dakota Roche went crazy with this wallride to huge drop, shot by Jeff Zielinski. Find out what’s inside this issue on this link.