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Ride’s 20 Year Anniverasy Video

This is the video that was first shown during the NORA Cup in Las Vegas and now Ride put it online for the whole world to see it. It features legends talking about the covers they got and favorite memories from the past 20 years.
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Jeff Klugiewicz Profile Ad

Profile Racing’s latest print ad featuring Jeff Klugiewicz with an icepick grind down this rail to promote his signature matte black products, that are available now. You will be seeing this ad in the December issue of Ride BMX magazine.

Mutant – Diogo Santos Ride BMX Ad Behind The Scenes

Here is a quick behind the scenes look at how this Mutant Bikes’ Diogo Santos print ad for Ride BMX magazine was shot. This is a really tight roof, that they found it somewhere in Diogo’s home town, but Diogo managed to pull the barspin off of in the second try.
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Van Homan Fit Ad

Van Homan is back in the game, after being off the bike for a few months, and already throwing down big 180 barspins over wooden rails like this one, that was shot for the latest Fit print ad, featured in the newest Ride BMX magazine.

How To 540 A Wedge With Seth Kimbrough

We haven’t seen much stuff from Seth Kimbrough this past year, so it is that more awesome to watch this how to 540 a wedge with him, that Ride filmed on Shadow’s recent Southern California Keep It Local tour. Watch Seth running you through the steps on how to pull this trick above.
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Ride BMX’s 20 Year Anniversary Party

A few weeks back Ride BMX opened the doors of their indoor skatepark to the BMX community, for a proper session to celebrate their 20th anniversary. Some solid stuff went down from Ben Lewis, Hoang Tran, Tammy McCarley, Chris Arriaga, Gary Young and more Ben shut down the place.
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Ride BMX Magazine Twenty Year Party

Ride BMX threw down a party and session to celebrate their twentieth year of publishing at their indoor skatepark, inviting a bunch of riders like Jimmy Levan, Hoang Tran, Chris Ariaga, Joe Riley, Tammy McCarley and many more. Enjoy.
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New Ride BMX Cover, Issue 187

Dennis Enarson pulling a crazy backflip tailwhip for the 187th cover of the Ride BMX magazine, shot by Ryan Fudger. If you are curious what’s inside this mag, click here and find out.

New Ride BMX Cover, Issue 186

Find out what is inside the November issue, issue 186, of the Ride BMX magazine, that features Morgan Wade going upside down at Wyoming’s Hell Hole by clicking on this link.

Celebrate 20 Years Of Ride BMX

This year is already the 20th year of Ride BMX and to celebrate that number, they are organizing a jam at their TransWorld park on October 26th, 2012. Find out more info on the flier above and make sure you go there if you are somewhere near that place.