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Taylor Elvy Macneil Ad

Taylor Elvy going over rail with a 180 for Macneil’s latest print ad to promote their Fat Cap pivotal seat that can be found in the 20th anniversary Ride BMX issue.

2012 NORA Cup Nominees

On September 20th, 16th annual Ride BMX NORA Cup awards is going down and today Ride announced top five nominees in each of the seven categories. Read more to find out who is nominated.
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Ride BMX 20-Year Anniversary Issue

Fresh out of the press is Ride BMX’s 20-year anniversary issue and already the 185th issue. Find out what you will find inside this issue by clicking on this link.

Behind The Ride BMX Cover With Garrett Reeves

This behind the cover edits that Ride BMX is doing are pretty cool. Here is the latest installment featuring Garrett Reeves and the crazy curbed wallride he pulled from last month’s cover. Garrett gets really surprised when he finds out that he scored the cover and also gives you more details on how all this happened.
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Behind The Ride BMX Cover – July 2012

Here is a quick behind the cover story with Jeff Zielinski talking about the cover of Ride BMX July 2012 issue that he was shoot with Steveo Croteau.
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New Ride BMX Cover, Issue 184

The cover of the 184th issue of Ride BMX went to Brandon Christie pulling this massive euro table in Provo, Utah while on Redline’s Westbound and Broke Down trip. If you would like to find out what’s inside this issue, click here.

Mosqueda Pro / Am Contest Video

“Video highlights from this year’s Mosqueda Pro/Am that went down in Fresno, California this weekend. Check out ledge, box jump, and Markit Best Trick wildness in the highlights video above.”– Andrew Brady, Ride
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Behind The Ride BMX Cover With Ty Morrow & Jeff Zielinski

No Friday interview from Ride BMX today, so instead of that they got Ty Morrow and Jeff Zielinski giving you a few details and behind the scenes of shooting Ride BMX’s May/Jone 2012 cover. This sure is one of the craziest 360s ever.
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New Ride BMX Cover, Issue 183

This is the new cover of Ride BMX issue 183 featuring Garrett Reeves with a big curved wallride. Read what you will find in this issue of the magazine on this link.

Central Florida’s Finest

“Ride video contributor Brett Rohlfing had to stay off of his bike for the majority of 2011 and some of this year due to a fractured vertebra and herniated disc. This left him with a lot of spare time to film. Throughout the year he found his way to Tampa on a few occasions to film with Matos Goowin, Tom Villarreal and Chris Schuster. He also picked up a few clips in Orlando and Merritt Island, and racked up some quality footage with Ryan Flesch all the way on the other coast of Florida in Daytona Beach. Here is a look at some of Central Florida’s best, from West to East.”– Andrew Brady, Ride BMX
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