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30 Seconds With Alex Kennedy

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Ride UK is back with afresh new installment in their 30 Seconds episodes, featuring Alex Kennedy going extremely technical with grinds at the flat rails at the Rampworx Skatepark. Special guest appearance from Dakota Roche. This was filmed during the Cult Talk Is Cheap UK Premiere tour.
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Ride UK Reader Awards 2012 Video

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We dropped the results from Ride UK reader awards 2012 a little while ago and today guys over at Ride UK dropped the video from the party in Bricklane, London. Also make sure you check out Tom Dugan, who won worldwide rider of the year, saying thanks below.

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UK Park of the Year – Unit 23
UK Retailer of the Year – The Source BMX
Ride UK Cover of the Year – Issue 167 – Chris Jenner
Worldwide Rider of the Year – Tom Dugan
Ride UK Lifetime Achievement award – Kye Forte
UK Park Rider of the Year – Harry Main
UK Street Rider of the Year – Ben Lewis
UK Dirt Rider of the Year – Matt Priest
Brand of the Year – BSD
Edit of the Year – Harry Main VX2

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Ride UK Warehouse Project – BSD Trailer

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Mike Taylor brought million of boxes in this warehouse for BSD’s trailer for section that you will find on the Ride UK Warehouse Project DVD. I simply have no idea why the brought so much boxes to this place.

Ride UK Warehouse Project – Stolen Trailer

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I think when you get as original as Pipe went with this trick, it is enough for a quick introduction in what to expect from the Stolen riders in Ride UK’s Warehouse Project. I guess plenty of creative lines, or am I wrong?

Ride UK Warehouse Project – Premium Trailer

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Brad McNicol, Chris Smith, Luke Faiery, Jordan Waters and Connor Lodes will be representing Premium in Ride UK’s Warehouse Project DVD. Guys really had a lot of fun with destroying that car.

Ride UK Warehouse Project – DC Trailer

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Here is the trailer for Ride UK’s Warehouse Project video, that will come with their Warehouse Project issue, featuring the DC Shoes team. Looks like guys were really busy over there and built a bunch of awesome stuff.

New Ride UK Cover, Issue 171

Here we have a sneak peek of the 171st issue of the Ride UK magazine, which cover scored Ride UK’S street rider of the year, non other than Ben Lewis. This is the Warehouse Project issue, where you will get a free DVD with every copy.

2012 Ride UK Awards Winners

The 2012 Ride UK Awards are over and we have the winners of each section. The highlight was definitely Harry Main, because he won two awards, one for the best web video of the year and second for best park rider of the year.
Web video of the year: Harry Main
Lifetime achievement award: Kye Forte
Bike brand of the Year award: BSD
Dirt jumper of the year: Matt Priest
Park rider of the year award: Harry Main
Street rider of the year award: Dan Lacey
Best drinker of the year award: Ben Murphy

30 Seconds With Max Wood

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Ride UK is here with a new installment in their 30 Seconds series of web edits, featuring Proper’s Max Wood going with style at the freshly rebuilt Bletchingley ramp. Balls of steel, style for miles and gap to wall.
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Ride UK Warehouse Project 2012 Trailer

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“It’s nearly the end of the year and to finish it off with a bang, we’ve got a special issue for you! Following on from the success of our Ride To Glory series, we would like to introduce you to the Ride UK Maoam Warehouse Project 2012!
We gave Stolen Bike Co, DC Shoes, BSD and Premium UK an empty warehouse, filled it with random obstacles, ramps and scrap and let them loose for a week each. The end result is a full dedicated Warehouse Project issue that comes with a free DVD! Check out the official trailer below for the Warehouse Project which will be on sale from the 14th December! Also keep an eye out next week for more exclusive content and teasers from each team.”
Ride UK
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