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2011 Simpel Session Finals Highlights Video

This is the highlights video of the Simpel Session finals. There was 25 riders doing bangers all the time and RideBMX was lucky enough to catch everything in this video. So check it out!

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2011 Simpel Session Best Trick And Bunnyhop Contest Video

RideBMX posted a video of Simple Session’s best trick and bunnyhop contest. We know that tons of ridiculous tricks went down during the Simple Session but Chad Kerley winning best trick with up ledge, to icepick on the flat rail, to manual, to barspin-to-icepick the down rail and Ty Morrow with highest bunnyhop 116.5 cm is even more ridiculous. Go to RideBMX site to get more info about the best trick contest and bunnyhop.

Edwin DeLaRosa Bike Check

Edwin DeLaRosa

Frame: Skvr Bridge 21.25?
Fork: Skvr
Bars: Skvr Prototype
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2011 Simpel Session Final Results And Photo Gallery

2011 Simpel Session Podium - Brett Banasiewicz, Drew Bezanson, Dennis Enarson - Photo by Fat.

2011 Simpel Session Podium - Brett Banasiewicz, Drew Bezanson, Dennis Enarson - Photo by Fat.

Here you have it, the final results of this years first contest. The winner is Drew Bezanson, second Brett Banasiewicz and third Dennis Enarson. For more photos of final runs and full list of finalists go to RideBMX site. For those who weren’t watching Simpel Session the video with highlights will be online soon.

2011 Simpel Session Qualifying Highlights Video

Finally! Here is RideBMX’s qualifying highlights video from 2011 Simpel Session in Tallinn, Estonia. After competing almost 100 riders you know that there will go down some serious stuff. And here is more than 12 minutes proof that guys were going nuts. You will find Brett Banasiewicz, Drew Bezanson, Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Michael Beran and a lot more in this video. Go to RideBMX site, to check the list of 25 riders that are going to the finals
Video by Fat

2011 Simpel Session Qualifying Photos

Chad Kerley - Flair

Chad Kerley - Flair

Fat from RideBMX captured this 30 photos from qualifying runs from guys like Brett Banasiewicz, Garrett Reynolds, Ondra Slez, and Chad Kerley. Video will bi out soon but for now you need to be satisfied with this photos. Check RideBMX site for photos.

Forest Lawn Trails – RIP

Lawn Trails R.I.P from Yawn BMX

“It’s true what they say, all good things must come to an end. The Forest Lawn Trails in Burbank, California were definitely a hot spot among the riders of the Los Angeles area. It’s hard to stomach the fact that years of hard work, sweat, and blood can be taken away in a matter of minutes. This just goes to show you that no matter how respectful, clean, quiet, and well-mannered you are at your trails, there will always be that neighbor who will stop at nothing to ruin a good time. These riders are some of the most positive people you’ll ever meet. All of us LA trail riders have one less spot to enjoy. RIP Forest Lawn.”RideBMX

2011 Simpel Session Qalifying Results And Photos

Ben Snowden - 360 Turndown

Ben Snowden

RideBMX has a photo gallery of Simpel Session 2011 qualifying runs and a list of results where you can check who is going to the finals. All of you guys that watched the contest know that everyone went off and we saw a lot of crazy moves. Check RideBMX site for more info.

How-To Hang Five A Ledge With Tom Stretton

In this RideBMX’s how-to you get informations about learning a hang five on a ledge by Tom Stretton.
Video by Fat

How-To Feeble Grind With Jeremiah smith

This is RideBMX’s how-to featuring Jeremiah Smith. In this video he will teach you how to do a basic BMX grind, feeble grind. Feeble grind is when your back peg is grinding and front wheel is riding up on a ledge or rail.

Video by Fat