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Props Road Fools 9 – Mt. Baldy Pipe

Guys over at Props always bring a smile on my face, because they are dropping these sections from previous videos so randomly and unexpected. Here is one from Road Fools 9, where the crew went to the infamous Mt. Baldy full pipe. It also so good to see young Matt Beringer, Brian Wizmerski, Kevin Porter, Dave Mirra, Ryan Jordan, Jim Cielencki and others shredding and having fun. This is a must see.
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Props Road Fools 9 – Biz Mountain

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“Near the end of the Road Fools 9 trip we pulled over in the California desert to shoot the closing interviews. While standing around, Ryan “Biz” Jordan noticed a mountain about a half mile away and decided he could get to the top in 30 minutes or less. Soon money was being thrown into the pot and it was on for $300. The timers were set and off he went as the sun was going down. Did he make it?”Props