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Play 2013 – Box Jump Section Highlights

Play 2013: Box Jump Section – More BMX Videos

Rob Armour, Logan Martin, Pat Casey, Mark Mulville, Daniel Sandoval, Josh Perry, Ryan Guettler, Kevin Peraza and many more going insane at the box jump section at Play 2013 contest. They completely destroyed Mike Spinner’s backyard ramp setup with some mind blowing stunts. I can’t even decided which was my favorite, cause there are too many.
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Animal House – Goodbye Jam Highlights

Animal House: Goodbye Jam – More BMX Videos

Video highlights from the last jam, the Goodbye Jam, that went down at the Animal House indoor skatepark in Greenville, North Carolina, featuring Daniel Dhers, Daniel Sandoval, Rob Darden, Rob Armour, Todd Meyn, Josh Perry, Zane Bradley and many more. Some seriously insane riding went down from all of the attendees.
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Rob Armour And Thomas Glew In Grenville

Rob Armour and Thomas Glew together hit up ramps of Animal House and Jaycee skatepark in Greenville, North Carolina and pulled some pretty much unreal stunts to make you go wild. This is one really heavy split edit, full of big stuff. I must say, I didn’t expect this one to be so wild, so yes, that was an awesome surprise, so click play above and enjoy the madness.
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Trans Jam Releigh Pro Park

Highlights from the third stop of the Trans Jam BMX contest that took place in Releigh past weekend, Sunday, May 19th. Pros went wild, but the top rider of the day was Zane Bradley, followed by Rob Armour on second place and Jared Ward on third.

Rob Armour – Send It

Rob Armour sure was busy over the winter of 2013 with stacking clips for the Send It web edit. This edit is bangers only, double backflip, triple tailwhip air, 1080 and various insane technical moves. You must not miss this one, it will make your jaw drop. Enjoy.
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The Kitchen Jam 2013 – Best Trick Highlights

One more highlights from the second annual The Kitchen skatepark Best Trick contest, featuring Tyler Fernengel, Daniel Sandoval, Dustin Grice, Glenn Salyers and Rob Armour. The 540 bar was insane.
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Rob Armour At The Animal House

Rob Armour at The Animal House – More BMX Videos

Banger after banger after banger. Diamondback’s Rob Armour went serious at The Animal House recently, pulling some insane tricks like 540 flair, 900, double tailwhip to over pedal stall to 270, hop frontflip, hop 360 tailwhip and much more.
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Diamondback 2013 Launch Jam

Diamondback 2013 Launch Jam – More BMX Videos

To celebrate the launch of Diamondback 2013 complete bikes, Ben Hucke, Rob Armour, Diogo Canina, Matt Closson, Nate Berkheimer and Darin Read went to UP skatepark to shred it with two Vital contest winners. If you would like to see some great park riding and a clip from a girl, press play and enjoy.
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Rob Armour & Glenn Salyers At The Kitchen

An one day session with Rob Armour and Glenn Salyers at their local skatepark The Kitchen in South Bend, Indiana. These two can go big over jump box or tech on quarter pipes. Must see.
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How-To Super Whip With Rob Armour

In this episode of Alli’s “Step By Step” Rob Armour will do his best to show you and tell you all you need to know about the super whips.
“Armour says to do the same circular motion with your bars as you would on a tail whip, but once the bike leaves your feet push it as far forward while extending your legs back as far as you can for maximum extension.”
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