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Animal House – Goodbye Jam Highlights

Animal House: Goodbye Jam – More BMX Videos

Video highlights from the last jam, the Goodbye Jam, that went down at the Animal House indoor skatepark in Greenville, North Carolina, featuring Daniel Dhers, Daniel Sandoval, Rob Darden, Rob Armour, Todd Meyn, Josh Perry, Zane Bradley and many more. Some seriously insane riding went down from all of the attendees.
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Rob Darden Feeds The Beast At The Animal House

Rob Darden Feeds The Beast at The Animal House – More BMX Videos

Rob Darden enjoying in the last runs, airs and crashes at The Animal House in Greenville, North Carolina, before it closes the doors. Rob is a beast and I always love watching him ride, because you never really know what he will pull next. Enjoy.
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Rob Darden – R Your Rouge Portrait

I am sure a lot of younger generations out there don’t know much about Rob Darden, so do me a favour an watch this awesome video portrait of the guy, telling you a little about himself, riding bikes, his wife and daughter and how he gets recovered and stays in shape after an injury.
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2013 Vans Kill The Line Highlights

The moment we have all been waiting for, the video highlights from the 2013 Vans Kill The Line contest that took place at the Peynier trails in France are here, brought to you by Red Bull. Watch, as Matt Priest, Bob Manchester, Ben Wallace, Rob Darden, Cam White and many more shred the course and pulling wild stuff.
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Heathens Jam 2013 Highlights By Can You Dig It

An exclusive from guys over at the Can You Dig It, highlights from the Heathens Jam 2013 featuring riding from Tyler Valentik, Ryan Popple, Mike Cottle, Rob Darden, Mike Potoczny, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Glen Johnson, Will Herman and more. If your life hay anything to do with dirt, hit play above and enjoy watching this guys shred.
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Vans 2013 U.S. Open BMX Invitational Recap

Something more from the recent Vans Van Doren Invitational that took place this past weekend. Some of the best in the world riding this wild bowl setup, but it was Daniel Sandoval who got first. Riding from Tom Dugan, Rob Darden, Sergio Layos, Dan Foley, Brian Foster and others.
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Van Doren Invitational Finals Highlights By Vital

Van Doren Invitational: FINALS – More BMX Videos

Something more from the Van Doren Invitational finals highlights, brought to you by people over at the Vital BMX. This amazing bowl setup gets shredded by Tom Dugan, Chase Hawk, Dennis Enarson, Daniel Sandoval, Rob Darden, Geoff Slattery and many more.
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Catching Up With Rob Darden

Alli Sports caught up with Rob Darden to get a few updates on being a father, being healthy and training out, how fun it is having a freecoaster hub along with filming a few clips at The Unit skatepark. Try it out, do train your body besides riding your bike, the results are amazing, trust me.
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2013 Red Bull Dirt Conquers Results

If you saw the photos of the Red Bull Dirt Conquers course, you saw that it was one sick course. Some of the best riders came to shred, compete and throw down moves, most of us only dream about. I hope the highlights will be dropping soon, but in the mean time here are the final results.
1. Ryan Nyquist
2. AJ Anaya
3. Leandro Moreira
4. Rob Darden
5. Maxime Charveron
6. Corey Bohan
7. Ryan Guettler
8. Sergio Layos
9. Ben Wallace
10. Victor Salazar
11. Anthony Napolita
12. Michael Beran
Best trick: Mike “Hucker” Clark – Hang 5 up the hill
Best line: Rob Darden
Invite: Ryan Guettler

S&M Please Kill Me Full Video

Hell yeah. S&M’S fifth full length video, Please Kill Me, is now on Youtube and ready for you to watch it. This awesome and classic video, that was released by in 2004 features Josh Stricker, Adam Baker, Amos Burke, Martin Lotterle, Bob Scerbo, Vic Ayala, Brian Wizmerski, Rob Darden and Matt Beringer. It was filmed and edited by Bob Scerbo and Brian Wizmerski. Must watch.
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