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Rob Ridge – Friday Fetish Nibbles Volume 2

Rob Ridge with a very rad old-school flatland and some skatepark riding at the Trick Factory indoor skatepark, filmed on a Friday. You don’t see riding like this every day so hit play and give this web edit a watch. Be creative, have fun and do your thing.
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Lifer BMX – Force It In Dorset

Lifer BMX Force It In Dorset from Ryan Hallett on Vimeo.

In summer of 2013 the Lifer BMX crew packed their stuff and went on a trip to their team member Rob Ridge in Dorset to ride the Trick Factory & The Front skatepark and of course to hit a few other locations for several fun sessions. This is now an edit that they managed to film and it features all bunch of hot stuff.
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And Forks – Rob Ridge Edit

I am always down for some original, unique and not-everyday riding. This new Rob Ridge’s And Forks web video, filmed at the Trick Factory and Bridport skateparks combines all three. Tech front break wizard stuff and overall an amazing edit, definitely worth throwing your eye at. We need more stuff like this. Filmed and edited by Rob Ridge.
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Rob Ridge Shocking Locking Back Brake Blunt Edit

Rob Ridge goes really technical wen it comes to ramp riding and back brake use (and of course front also). This new edit he came out with gets serious with abubacas. He actually customized his back brake to be able to pull all those tricks. Hit that play and check out what I am talking about.
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Rob Ridge World Tour

This is unbelievable and even if every single trick is pulled over a spine, it is still a must see. Front brake wizard Rob Ridge completely killed it with all the crazy front wheel stuff and at some point I almost don’t follow all the moves. Sick.
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Rob Ridge 2/12 Nu Move

Rob Ridge getting creative with his new move near the coping.
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Rob Ridge’s Power Hour

This is definitely not a classic power hour full of crazy tricks. All tricks that Rob Ridge is doing in this one are from a rollback what makes them much harder.