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Team GT At Woodward East

GT riders Dave Dillewaard, Jeremiah Smith and Rob Wise got together at the Woodward East recently and here is a pretty sweet and pretty serious mix edit they filmed for the company that teamed up with Gopro. All three are heavy hitters and when you put names like these to shred Woodward’s ramps, things will go out of control.
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[Re-Up] The Bakery “Special Recipe” – Rob Wise And Jeremiah Smith

Kinda unreal what GT Bicycles rider Rob Wise and Jeremiah Smith filmed at The Bakery for The Bakery’s Special Recipe video. Banger after banger, line after line, trick combo after trick combo, these two are unreal. I don’t even know where to start with this one, so will let you watch it right now.

The Bakery’s Preheating – Rob Wise And Jeremiah Smith

Watch this preheating with Rob Wise and Jeremiah Smith talking about the new The Bakery place, how good it is along with a few sneak peek clips from the video that will drop Friday, May 31st. I can not wait to see what these guys came up with. I know it is going to be insane.
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Skullcandy #CrushingIt2OKC

And it is finally here. The Skullcandy #CrushingIt2OKC dropped and it is something you must not miss. Rob Wise, Dennis Enarson and Mike “Hucker” Clark along with Justin Kosman and Tim “Fuzzy” Hall took a trip from Salt Lake City to Oklahoma City to shred their bikes. I am sure they had the best time over at Mat Hoffman’s place and seeing Hucker pulling a massive flair on his vert is mind blowing.
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GT Bikes – Rob Wise Edit

Finally, some fresh new Rob Wise stuff and it is crazy, wild and solid. Did you expect anything else? I didn’t, because Rob never disappoint and I know the whole world knows this. His GT edit is full of everything, big gaps, crazy roof rides, pegs use, you name it. There are two or three clips in here you may seen in his commercial, but, they are all serious moves, so we wont complain. Enjoy.
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Skullcandy #CrushingIt2OKC Teaser

Skullcandy took Rob Wise, Dennis Enarson, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Justin Kosman and Tim “Fuzzy” Hall on a seven days long trip from Salt Lake City to Oklahoma City to ride and film for an upcoming video. They now dropped the teaser for the final product, that will be out on 21st this month.
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Demolition And Markit – Lost In Lone Star

You know what will you guys do next? You will watch the Demolition Parts and Markit BMX collaboration Lost In Lone Star trip video. San Antonio streets got murdered by Aaron Smith, Rob Wise, Connor Lodes, Geoff Slattery, Ronnie Napolitan and Dennis Enarson.

DC Shoes BMX Team No More

Big bad news. Unfortunately there will be no more DC Shoes BMX team. They had an amazing team of riders, made several amazing projects, but now it is all gone. That means Alfredo Mancuso, Anthony Napolitan, Brett Banasiewicz, Broc Raiford, Chris Doyle, Corey Bohan, Dylan Stark, Edwin De La Rosa, Jeremiah Smith, Kelly Bolton, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Rob Wise, Ryan “Biz” Jordan, Stevie Churchill are off DC.

Left / Right DVD 2007 Full Length

Ryan Navazio dropped this amazing video of his from 2007 called Left / Right and is definitely worth a watch, if you haven’t seen it yet. features sections from Rob Wise, Larry Alvarado, Joe McIntire, Dave Belcher, Kurt Rasmussen, East Coast, Philly and West Coast mix along with the credits section. Enjoy.

DC Shoes – South East Asia Tour

DC Shoes riders Jeremiah Smith, Alfredo Mancuso, Dylan Stark and Rob Wise were sent on a tour with the skateboarding team to experience the life in South East of Asia. They visited Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, rode some fun looking spots, gets some parties done and introduced BMX and skateboarding to the less fortunate kids. This is a really good watch, so press that play button above and enjoy it.
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