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Shitteeth Edit

Shawn Elf Walters has been collecting all these clips over the past couple of years and never used them in an edit or any other project. There is so much good stuff in here, funny, original, crazy and wild. That clip from Matt Beringer riding his indoor bowl on a custom bike/skate setup looks so much fun. Featuring Dave Thompson, Matt beringer, Cam wood, Tate Roskelly, Shawn Elf walters, Rob Wise, Mike Szczesny, Calvin Krey, Richard Fox, Jordan utley, Steve bankroft, Cam Giles, Clint Peters, Colton Dale, Trent Steel, Greg Ingersoll and Casey Barrett.
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Jeremiah Smith On GT

A few days ago we dropped the news that Jeremiah Smith parted ways with his sponsor Failure. Now we are posting that Jeremiah has officially joined the GT Bicycles team.
“Miah” is one of my good friends and I couldn’t be any more thrilled that he is going to be a part of this team! He absolutely destroys everything on his bike! I can’t wait to start going on more trips/ filming with Miah!”– Rob Wise
“I am so psyched to be the new edition to the GT team. It can’t be said enough about how thrilled and honored I am to be a part of such a great team with some of the top riders. I look forward to the 2013 year and what it has in store. Can’t wait to start going on trips and filming with the team. Thank you GT for this amazing opportunity!”– Jeremiah Smith

Demolition Gum Colorway Out Now

Demolition’s all new gum colorway of grips is out now. Their main goal was to match the color to their tan/gum tires and I think they achieved the goal. Missile and Rob Wise grips are the first available in this color and soon Dennis Enarson’s will be also.

Rob Wise Demolition Wallpaper

Rob Wise pulled this icepick stall on a sub chain (ha, I never used this combination of words before) a few months back and Domolition now has it free for you and for you computer. Fresh up your desktop with this one by clicking on this link.

DC Shoes – BMX Team Lands A Hand To Needy Children

DC Shoes’ team recently visited San Diego to participate in the Junior Seau Foundation “Shop with a Jock” program. They threw down a demo for the underprivileged kids and what is even better, each member of the team took one kid shopping at Target to buy gifts for their families and for themselves.

Dennis Enarson – A Week With The Markit Crew

Alli Sports dropped a fresh new installment in their “Alli Show” series showing you guys how the life on the road with Dennis Enarson and the Markit crew (Chad Kerley, Christian Rigal, Connor Lodes, Geoff Slatter, Mike Jonas, Rob Wise, Ronnie Napolitan) looks like. These are behind the scenes showing you what you can expect in the upcoming Markit DVD and words about Markit and what Markit is and what are it’s future plans from Enarson. Definitely a really good and enjoyable watch.
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Skullcandy – Island Fever

Skullcandy sent Rob Wise, Mike “Hucker” Clark and Drew Bezanson for a week to the North Shore, to this amazing Oahu island in Hawaii. Guys had fun exploring the island, searching for new street and skatepark spots, ride, surf and flirt with all those beautiful women. Justin Kosman was there with them to capture all the best clips and threw them together in this one piece. The icepick stall to over tundown on that fence and the last tailwhip drop were unbelievable. This is the edit that will definitely made you jealous. Enjoy.
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Skullcandy – Island Fever Teaser

Skullcandy sent Rob Wise, Drew Bezanson and Mike “Hucker” Clark along with Justin Kosman behind the lens, for a week out on the north shore of Hawaii to ride, surf and have fun. The full edit is dropping soon and I am sure all of you will get really stoked after watching the teaser.

DC South East Asia BMX Trip Photogallery

DC Shoes posted a really cool photo gallery from the South Asia trip, where they sent some of their BMX riders and skateboarders. Alfredo Mancuso, Jeremiah Smith, Dylan Stark and Rob Wise were there with the skate team, riding the spots and doing demos.

Rob Wise Bike Check

Peep Dig site to check out what Rob Wise is currently riding and read a quick interview about the bike, personal bike tool bag and more.