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DC Shoes – Global Tour Malaysia 2012

DC Shoes BMX riders Rob Wise, Dylan Stark, Alfredo Mancuso and Jeremiah Smith along with the skateboarders Bugs Fardell, Jake Hayes, Keiran Reilly and Tommy Fynn went on a trip to Malaysia at the start if September to get some demos done and to ride with locals. Here is a look at some thing that went down.
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Markit – Rob Wise

This Markit edit, one may not be one of those ones where Rob Wise is completely destroying all the street spots, but still is an awesome edit, where Rob cruises around his local skatepark in Utah and Matt Beringer’s. I think I never saw an 180 to up icepick grind before.
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Rob Wise Demolition Wallpaper

While in SLC a local told Demolition guys that there’s a ridable pool worth checking out. No question, they headed straight there to get down a session and to shot this new wallpaper for you guys featuring Rob Wise.

DC Shoes- Rob Wise Demolition Pro Model Shoe Promo

This is a promotional edit for Rob Wise pro model DC Shoes in collaboration with Demolition. He talks about his signature shoes, builds up a kicker and jump this insane 30ft roof gap. Enjoy.
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DC “Aim To Miss” BMX Tour

DC Shoes took their team riders Chris Doyle, Rob Wise, Jeremiah Smith, Dylan Stark, Alfredo Mancuso and Mike “Hucker” Clark on a 5,000 miles long road trip from Huntington Beach, CA to Las Vegas. On the road, besides all the demos and stuff, they managed to hit Arvada park in Colorado and tons of great street spots, to get some great riding done. Hucker’s hang 5 down stair is just amazing.
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BMX On Discovery Channel’s “American Guns”

DC Shoes’ team manager Mike Aland bets this guy who owns a guns shop, that Rob Wise can bunnyhop over eight people for a 1911 gun for half the price. Watch what happened above and don’t get to excited when seeing owner’s daughter Paige.

Miles Rogoish’s V-X Games Los Angeles

I can easily say this are the best highlights from the 2012 X Games street competition, brought to you by Miles Rogoish and his VX. Seat back, relax and be amazed.
“During BMX Street at X Games Los Angeles last week, Miles Rogoish decided to capture the action on his trusty old VX camera, along with some behind the scenes shenanigans. In case you missed out on watching street at X Games Los Angeles, this video highlights each invited rider from start to finish. Footage includes riding Stevie Churchill, Simone Barraco, Alex Kennedy, Jeremiah Smith, Sean Sexton, Rob Wise, Bruno Hoffmann, Dakota Roche, Chad Kerley and five-time X Games gold medalist Garrett Reynolds. There are minimal fist bumps, and maximum toothpick hangovers to 180 in this video.”– Brian Tunney, ESPN
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2012 X Games Street Highlights

2012 X-Games Street Highlights – More BMX Videos

Prepare yourself for another run of 2012 X Games street highlights featuring Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Dakota Roche, Stevie Churchill, Jeremiah Smith, Simone Barraco, Rob Wise and more. It is absolutely unbelievable how good these riders are.
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2012 X Games Street Finals Video & Results

Street finals of 2012 X Games already went down and seeing all these guys ride is completely unbelievable. Here are the highlights featuring Alex Kennedy, Bruno Hoffmann, Chad Kerles, Dakota Roche, Garrett Reynolds, Jeremiah Smith, Rob Wise, Sean Sexton, Simone Barraco and Stevie Churchill.
Find the results after the jump.
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Markit Crew Edit

“In this months MARKIT edit we decided to do something a little different then we have in previous months. Here’s most of the crew plus a couple of MARKIT homies shredding some cement parks in Austin TX, and San Diego CA. Featuring Rob Wise, Chad Kerley, Mike Jonas, Dennis Enarson, Christian Rigal, Connor Lodes, Ronnie Napolitan, and Geoff Slattery. Enjoy!”Markit.
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