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Rob Wise GT Commercial

GT Rob Wise Commercial, April 2012 – More BMX Videos

Four clips in this 15 seconds long GT commercial for Vital BMX featuring Rob Wise in enough to make you go crazy.
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Rob Wise Bike Check

Just a shot of Rob Wise’s newest golden ride, spotted on Demolition. Watch crazy Rob doing a bunnyhop over two kids riding bike here.

Rob Wise Over Two Riders

Damn! Rob Wise jumping over two riders. This is one serious bunnyhop.
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Rob Wise Demolition Ad

Demolition’s new Rob Wise signature Monarch stem just arrived. To promote it, they made this dope red backgrounded ad with Rob, doing a pretty big drop over a rail. Check full ad after the jump.
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Demolition “Last Chance” – Rob Wise

Demolition Parts: Last Chance Rob Wise’s Part from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

If you haven’t seen this part yet and if you haven’t seen Demolition’s “Last Chance” DVD you made a big mistake. This is definitely one of the craziest DVDs of 2011. Above is Rob Wise’s section full of crazy rail and ledge moves that you don’t wanna miss. Enjoy.
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SWBMX Winter Edit Winter Edit from Riley Smith on Vimeo.

A SWBMX winter mix with Shawn “Elf” Walters, Kevin Paulsen, Tucker Brunson, Calvin Krey, Casey Barrett, Chazz Patrick, Taylor Dennis, Nick Fletcher, Russel Mcewen, Rob Wise and Austin Buckley.

Sunsets & Sodas – Rob Wise In OZ

Rob Wise In OZ from Sunsets & Sodas on Vimeo.

“Rob Wise and I had been kicking around the idea of going to Australia for a couple of weeks because it’s snowing at home. We bounced the idea off the guys over at GT Bicycles and they told us they would pick up the tab and to go have some fun. Rob’s GT Team mate Dave Dillewaard said he would show us around if we came over so we were off. A huge thanks to Dave & his amazing family for putting us up. Also big thanks to Stewart, Yonny, Big Salad & all the boys that showed us around. A huge shout out to GT Bicycles for sending us over, it was a hell of a trip. This is Rob Wise In Oz!”Sunsets & Sodas.
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Rob Wise & Dave Thompson Drop By We Are One

Rob Wise & Dave Thompson Drop By We Are One from Sunsets & Sodas on Vimeo.

“The weather has been kind of shit lately so Rob Wise,Dave Thompson and myself stopped by We Are One for a quick session. Stoked to see Rob back on the bike after breaking his hip filming for his KillJoy section last fall.”S&S.
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Ride “Range Of Motion” – Hamlin, Neyer, Sexton, Reynolds & Wise

Somebody uploaded Tony Hamlin’s, Tony Neyer’s, Sean Sexton’s, Garret Reynolds’ and Rob Wise’s section from Ride’s “Range Of Motion” video back in the day. Not really the best music, but them those parts are insane.
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Rob Wise Demolition Ad

This is Demolition’s latest ad featuring their rider Rob Wise with a wall ride to 180 over a rail for his signature Elite forks. He’s testing these forks for a while now and they should be out soon.
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