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Rob Wise SWBMX Edit

Rob Wise’s exclusive edit for SWBMX riding parks in Utah with special guest appearance of Shawn Sparrow, Calvin Krey and Bryant Shepard.
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Pro Q&A Interview Excerpts With DeHart, Williams And Wise

“This week we have three interviews for you with some of the dopest street riders out there right now—Rob Wise, Nathan Williams, and Chase DeHart. All three interviews feature overflow questions that you guys asked a few months ago. We couldn’t fit everything into their Pro Q&As in the mag, so the questions and answers that didn’t make it ended up here.”Ride BMX.

Rob Wise Signature Demolition Elite Forks And Monarch Stem

Rob Wise will have two signature products from Demolition the Elite forks and the Monarch stem. Check above.

Demolition Parts – Rob Wise September 2011

Demolition Parts: Rob Wise September 2011 from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

Rob Wise’s newest edit and also a promo for Demolition’s Merit sprocket made of some left over footage from “Last Chance”.
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Rob Wise Demolition Ad

This is the latest Demolition / Revolt ad, that is running in the latest Ride UK issue featuring framed Rob Wise with an over rail 180. Read more to get the full view on it.
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Rob Wise Bike Check

Rob Wise has a few pictures of his latest set-up up on Demolition site along with 3 questions.