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Ronnie Napolitan Demolition Ad

Ronnie Napilitan getting a big 360 tailwhip done over a set of trails for Demolition’s latest print ad to promote the Combat bar. You can find this ad when flipping through the 95th issue of the Dig magazine.

Ronnie Napolitan Donates Hair To Locks Of Love

It really is not every day, not even every week, month or year, that wee see a BMX rider donating his hair. Ronnie Napolitan did it and he did it for the Locks of Love.
“Well guys, I did it, haha. U just cut my hair and donated it to Locks Of Love. Pretty awesome that someone is going to be rocking my hair. Hope the kids is as stoked as I was with it. When I walked in they just recommended the Doyle as well so I went for it. Here are some photos of how it wend down.”– Ronnie Napolitan

Ronnie Napolitan Demolition Wallpaper

Ronnie Napolitan boosting a sweet “little” table out of the “scariest” bowl in Costa Rica to promote his signature Demolition Combat bar. This photo can be decorating your desktop background, so download it now.
Make sure you watch Ronnie’s promotional web edit one more time. Yep it is that good.

Demolition – Ronnie Napolitan Combat Bar Promo

Ronnie Napolitan is an all around rider, he can shred, streets, trails and skateparks and he can shred all three really really hard. It is kinda perfect match to let a guy like Ronnie is design a bar and so did Demolition and voila, the Combat bar is here. Ronnie putting his signature handlebar to test on all three terrains and if it doesn’t break under this viking, it will hold everyone.
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Ronnie Napolitan Demolition Wallpaper

Like Demolition sad, if you ever go to Barcelona, Spain, you definitely need to go to the Sea Walls and give this ridiculous quarter pipes a try. While Ronnie Napolitan was over there, he didn’t just ride them, he was pulling this rad fast-plant tables and today you can set the photo they took for your new desktop wallpaper.

Demolition Ronnie Napolitan Combat Bar

Demolition is proud to finally announce the release of Ronnie Napolitan’s signature Combat bar. Ronnie has been testing this 8.8″ rise bar for a while now and loved it every since. Hit your local shop or favorite mail order if you wanna get these beast for your bike.

Markit – Geoff Slattery Edit

I am always down for some brand new stuff from Geoff Slattery. For his new Markit web edit, filmed over the past coupel of motnhs, he hit up some of his local skateparks on the East coast and some skateparks he has never been before on the West coast. Cruising around, boosting airs and transfers and showing some amazing control is what this is all about. Guest clips by Ronnie Napolitan. Filmed and edited by Christian Rigal.
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Haro BMX – Japan Tour

It is Sunday, the weather isn’t the best, so it is such a good and pleasant surprise to get to watch the Haro BMX Japan Tour video. Haro sent Ryan Nyquist, Dennis McCoy, Cory Nastazio, Dennis Enarson, Seth Klinger, Matthias Dandois and Ronnie Napolitan to Japan to hit plenty of amazing street, trails and skatepark spots, do demos and enjoy the life over there. Now here they are, back with a 22 minutes long video, directed by Terrell Gordy, that is a must see. You know the riding is on a top level in here and so is filming end editing. Hit play and enjoy.
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Ronnie Napolitan Bike Check

Make your way over to the Markit to check out Ronnie Napolitan’s current Haro SD V2 bike, the parts list and two more photos of Ronnie in action, that Connor Lodes took. Dialed looking whip.

Demolition – Costa Rica Ticos & Tamales Flipbook

A few months ago Demolition riders Connor Lodes, Drew Hosselton, Aaron Smith, Ronnie Napolitan, Mike Mastroni and Joey Cobbs made a trip to Costa Rica to visit their distributor Inversiones Jovita and to ride with the locals. The now dropped a flipbook to document the trip.