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Hideout At Rush Skatepark

Hideout at Rush from H I D E O U T on Vimeo.

Hideout riders threw a quick afternoon session down at the Rush skatepark hidding from the constant UK rain and came out with a solid piece. Hideout crew always makes edits a little bit differently and this one is no exception. Featuring riding from Robbo, Mikey Palmer, Gaz Docker and Joe Whitmore. Filmed and edited by Rob Palmer.
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Isaac Lesser Goes Atomic At The New Rush Skatepark

Past autumn Isaac Lesser, Essex, England native, did some riding at the new Rush skatepark and here is the edit that he filmed over there. Isaac has tons of skills and he has no problems going technical and big. This new web video of his has it all, so hit it and enjoy the madness.
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James Jones At Rush Skatepark

James Jones at Rush Skatepark – More BMX Videos

James Jones headed over to Stroud, UK to hit up the Rush skatepark and to film this new and very ridiculous web video. From technical stuff to big stuff, this edit is one gin banger. The footjam to barspin on that sub rail was insane and so was last flip whip.
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Dan Shepherd At Rush Skatepark

Dan Shepherd at Rush Skatepark – More BMX Videos

Dan Shepherd going all in at the Rush Skatepark in Stroud, England, bringing out technical and wild tricks and trick combos. What is also very important, he is doing everything with smooth style, what makes everything that much better. Enjoy.
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Dean Cueson At Rush Skatepark

Dean Cueson at Rush Skatepark – More BMX Videos

Dean Cueson coming out with a new web video filmed over at the brand new Rush skatepark in Stroud, England. Dean is going big as hell and pulling some insane barspin combinations, like that last double barspin to barspin back at a quarter pipe.
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Ben Hennon At Rush Skatepark

Rush indoor skatepark is the first ever indoor skatepark in the Gloucestershire, that was recently built for all the locals and of course for the whole world. Besides 40,000 square foot skatepark you will find fully stacked shop in there and a café. Enough with the talking about the park, lets talk how insane this new web edit from Ben Hennon is, filmed at this exact spot. High speed, huge transfer, tech stuff, big stuff and one ridiculous nose press. Enjoy.
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