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Rudimental – Waiting All Night Feat. Ella Eyre (Official Video)

There has been a lot of music video already made with BMX riding in them and here is another one featuring Aaron Nardi, Jush Allen, Huy Doan, Ryan Metro, Jimmy Levan and Danny Downey. Usually the songs and the videos is something I am not really into, but the heck with it, I like that BMX is getting bigger all the time.

Shitluck “Just Another Day” Edit 2013

This is a Collateral BMX exclusive edit, featuring the Shitluck crew, that was filmed over the course of a couple of trips since October. Riding from Neil Hise, Chris Wilson, Ryan Metro, Fisher, The Fids and more. It is awesome seeing Metro on his bike. Make sure you make your way over to the Collateral to watch this one.

Shitluck “Agains All Odds” – Ryan Metro Section

Leland Thurman has uploaded Ryan Metro’s section from Shitluck’s 2006 “Against All Odds” video. This was one of not many sections that I was watching over and over again back in the day, because it just was and still is amazing. All the stuff Ryan pulls, all those big rails, wallrides is just something that could young shredders easily look up to today.
Ryan Metro has been dealing with back problems lately and needs your help. More info here.
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Ryan Metro Back Surgery Fund

Ryan Metro has been dealing with his back problems ever since that crash he took, that you will remember from one of his oldest video parts. He raptured disk in his lower back. He needs a surgery to get things back like they were, so if you feel helping him out, click here and donate. If Ryan don’t want to say it, I will, thank you Kurt Yeager for making this video.

United Products In Grey

United added a new colorway to some of their products. They now have Ryan Metro’s signature sprocket, Squad alloy post, nylon post, hub guards and seat clamps along with Nathan Williams’ signature Nash cranks in grey finish. These look solid. Find more photos and specs here.

Ryan Metro Bike Check

Ryan Metro is still not back on his bike 100% due to his back issues, but he recently managed to built himself up a fresh new United setup, with some new products. Go check some more photos and parts list on this link.

United Metro Spline Drive Sprocket

This is spline drive version of Ryan Metro’s signature United sprocket. It is made the same as the regular version, but features a hardened chromo 48 spline, 22 mm insert for those who want to get rid of the sprocket bolt. This spline drive system is really cool and it also makes you bike look much cleaner.

Shitluck “Take It Or Leave It” Video Promo

Promo for the long awaited Shitluck video “Take It Or Leave It”. The video will be featuring riding from Chester Blacksmith, Cameron Wood, Mike Corts, Chris Wilson, Ryan Metro, Joe Mettile, Bugsy, Tim Bunoa, Brandon Burke, Marcas Grubbs, Vince Smith and many more. Can’t wait to see this one.
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This Is United: Ryan Metro Full Video Part HD

United just dropped Kentuckian Ryan Metro’s section from their “This Is United” DVD. Unfortunately Ryan is having some back issues at the moment, but this edit was filmed before that and features some original moves from him. Always very enjoyable to watch, so seat back and, well, enjoy.
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Biker Clip

A mix edit featuring Brian Hinkel, Ryan Metro and Heath Owens.