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Haro – Israel TV Segment

“Ryan Nyquist, Allan Cooke and Colin Mackay were in Israel for some demo’s for the Haro distributor there. On the first day they had a Nightly News crew from Tel Aviv interview them. The outcome was pretty hilarious. This spotlight on the nightly news reached 1.2 million viewers! What’s a Banana man?”Haro.
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Osiris – Ryan Nyquist Injury Update

Osiris Shoes – Ryan Nyquist Injury Update from Osiris BMX on Vimeo.

Osiris rider Ryan Nyquist broke his hand during the last stop of the Dew Tour. Since he is pretty much chilling and resting all the time, his hands are bored and here is what they have to say…
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Warriors Of Wood – Street Jam

This is the flier for the upcoming Street Jam in NorCal on September 18th, in conjunction with the annual “Warriors Of Wood” event put on by Ryan Nyquist.
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Warriors Of Wood 3

“Ryan Nyquist’s Warriors of Wood comp went down for the third straight year at the San Jose Police Athletic League on Saturday, September 17. With other events happening elsewhere and post-Interbike/NORA Cup team trips starting up, the rider turnout wasn’t as large as in previous years, but this (in addition to a shortened course) worked to the advantage of the local riders. At the end of the day, Jason Lopez of Richmond, Calif. took first over Diogo Canina and Rob Darden, and Rodeo’s Nick Noble won best trick with a truckdriver to no-footer one-hander.”– Chris McMahon, ESPN.
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2011 Warriors Of Wood

“Warriors of Wood 2011 is happening! Sept 17 will be the big wooden rhythm contest that you’ve come to know and love, and Sept. 18 there will be a laid back Pro/Am Street Jam with prizes and good times to be had. All of this is going down in San Jose, CA at PAL Stadium, located at 680 S. 34th Street. Don’t forget that this is all to raise money for a park in East San Jose. DO NOT MISS THIS. Put it on your calendar and I hope to see you out there! Don’t be scared.”– Ryan Nyquist.
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Ocean City Dew Tour Park First Look

Take a tour with Ryan Nyquist, who will show you his masterpiece in Ocean City, Maryland.

Ryan Nyquist Designs Dew Tour Opening Course

Ryan Nyquist designed the course of 2011 Dew Tour Pantech Open stop that will come to Ocean City, Mid on July 21st – 24th. “Throughout the years, you get familiar with the different setups, and I just wanted to pack in all of my favorite ramps into one course, and make it so everything flowed really well. Having big ramps was really important to me. I wanted a course that you could ride with high speed, and do transfers, and offers different options. Just a really fun course where you could go big on stuff.”– Ryan Nyquist. Seen on ESPN.

How-To Over Double Peg And Back On A Spine With Ryan Nyquist

Ali Sports’ posted a how-to with Ryan Nyquist teaching you how to do a tech trick called over double peg and back on a spine.