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First Session At Red Bull Dreamline

Video clip from the first session over at the Red Bull Dreamline course featuring Mike “Hucker” Clark, Ryan Nyquist, Dennis Enarson, Ben Wallace, TJ Ellis and more. The course for this contest is ridiculous and like everyone is saying it is going to be gnarly. How gnarly? We shall see when the highlights from qualifications and finals drop.
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Getting Awesome – Remote Control Barspin Bike Invention

Wooooow, whaaaaat?! Now this is really awesome. When I first read the title I didn’t knew what to expect, but I knew something wild and when you will see in the video above is even wilder than expected. Ryan Nyquist and his brother Shean Nyquist decided to invent a system that will spin the handlebar around on it’s own. They came out with several ideas, coiled spring, pyrotechnic and a cordless grinder, but the motor out of a toy with a remote did it’s job. Getting Awesome episodes feature so many cool stuff already, but this one is definitely the best. I wonder if they ever tried a triple barspin. Yes? No?
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Haro – Seth Klinger Edit

Haro – Seth Klinger – More BMX Videos

Seth Klinger is master of over icepick stalls and he does a few really sick ones in here, but the craziest is still the first attempt on that high sub box. Seth goes big with his riding, pulling wild tricks, but at the same time he goes with style and makes everything look super easy. Guest clips by Ryan Nyquist.
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Best Of Dew Tour Ocean City 2013

The best moments from the Dew Tour that took place in Ocean City, Maryland. All four contests are included in here, vert, skatepark, flat and street and features riding from Jamie Bestwick, Simon Tabron, Coco Zurita, Harry Main, Pat Casey, Ryan Nyquist, Matthias Dandois, Sean Sexton, Chad Kerley, Dan Lacey and more.
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Getting Awesome – How To Tire Grab With Ryan Nyquist And TJ Ellis

It is time for a new episode of the Getting Awesome serious. This episode is a how to episode where Ryan Nyquist and TJ Ellis, especially TJ, will give you all the tips you need before learning a tire grabs and also show you some variations with the trick. Back flip tire grab to tuck no hander was so sick.
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Remembering X Games With Bruce Crisman

X Games gold medalist Bruce Crisman remembers the time he won X Games and beat Dave Mirra and Ryan Nyquist who were both on fire that current year (Nyquist still is). I really like how he came to the contest all relaxed with only one goal, to enjoy the park and riding.

X Games Munich – Park Practice Video By Ride UK

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The X Games Munich will go down this upcoming weekend and today was the first day of practice and Ride UK was there to capture some of the moves from Ryan Nyquist, Gary Young, Scotty Cranmer, Daniel Sandoval, Daniel Dhers and more. Spain was outside, Germany is inside, but both course are/were amazing. Enjoy and stay tuned for more.
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Dew Tour Ocean City Park Finals Highlights

Highlights from the park finals at yesterday’s Dew Tour Ocean City. All the competitors threw down some amazing and big riding, from double backflips to various tailwhip, barspin and spins combinations. Watch and enjoy three minutes of madness from Ryan Nyquist, Drew Bezanson, Scotty Cranmer, Daniel Sandoval, Daniel Dhers and more.
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Dew Tour Ocean City Park Finals Results

It is over, the park finals at Dew Tour Ocean City are over and everyone who watched the live stream saw all the madness the went down from all ten finalists. Even if everyone went big, only one went home with gold and it is non other than Ryan Nyquist, followed by Drew Bezanson and Scotty Cranmer. Stay tunned for the video highlights.

Dew Tour Ocean City – Park Semi-Finals Results

The weekend has started and so has the Dew Tour Ocean City, Maryland final contests. Thursday and Friday were practice time and semi-finals and here are now the results from the park. Andy Buckworth took the lead, followed by Drew Bezanson and Ryan Nyquist. Find out who got top 12th and a few runs videos after the jump.
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