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Seth Klinger Dodgin Rain In Las Vegas

Seth Klinger Dodging Rain in Las Vegas – More BMX Videos

When the storm was over in Las Vegas, Seth Klinger quickly grab his bike, head to the skatepark and get some filming done. We are used to see Seth jumping over trails with Ryan Nyquist, but this time he took it to the concrete and put his pegs to use.
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Getting Awesome – Big Trick Jump Session

When Ryan Nyquist wants a jump he builds himself a massive one. This is exactly what he did at NorCal’s Freedom 40 trails. He had some issues with building the jump and quarter pipe, but when they were done he threw a crazy session down with Omar Romero, Greg Watts, Brandon Semenuk and Joel Hulsey. Ryan sure is the highlight in here.
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Vital 12in13 Mix Edit

12in13 Mix – More BMX Videos

Vital threw together the never before seen footage filmed in 2012 for you to check in 2013, like they sad. A really amazing mix of street and skatepark riding from Josh Betley, Adrian Warnken, Ryan Nyquist, Matt Closson, Tony Campos, Tyler Fernengel, Zack Early and many more.
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Woodward West & Ramp Rats December 2012 Mix

Patrick Kelly has some leftover footage that he won’t be using in any other project he is working on, so decided to throw it together. This one is from Woodward West and Ramp Rats and was filmed over the month of December last year and included riding from Ricky Rios, Ryan Nyquist, Nick Noble, Kevin Johnson and Kenny Kekow.
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Getting Awesome – How To 360 No-Handers With Ryan Nyquist & Seth Klinger

In this new episode of Getting Awesome, Ryan Nyquist and Seth Klinger will tech you how to pull proper no-handers over dirt jumps. Ryan will teach you the suicide version and Seth the tuck version. Hope this will make at least 5% riders out there put on their front brake to at least try the suicide no-hander.
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Getting Awesome – Ryan Nyquist & Seth Klinger NorCal Concrete Tour

For this episode of Getting Awesome Ryan Nyquist and Seth Klinger set up a “little” goal, to hit three different concrete skateparks in one day throughout Northern California. They shredded Scott’s Valley skatepark, Jim Keeffe skatepark and Menlo skatepark to end the day. The goal was achieved and the came home with enough footage for the episode. Must see.
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Ryan Nyquist Red Bull Skylines Course Check

Two Ryan Nyquist edits in one day? Yep. Lets remember how crazy the course of Red Bull Skylines contest, that went down in Paris, France, was together, with Ryan, while having a GoPro strapped on his bike.

Getting Awesome – How To Turndown With Ryan Nyquist & Seth Klinger

“Getting Awesome” web series. Ryan met up with Seth Klinger at the 40 Trails in Santa Cruz, California to learn how to pull a turndown. Yep, Ryan is not the turndown guy, but he became one when this edit was done. If Seth helped Ryan to learn it, I am sure it will help you also.
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Tony Campos’ Backyard W/ Ryan Nyquist & Josh Betley

Tony Campos’ Backyard with Nyquist & Betley – More BMX Videos

Tony Campos has this really fun looking backyard ramp setup in San Francisco and recently Ryan Nyquist and Josh Betley visited him for a session. Ryan going wild with barspins and toothpick stalls, Tony with style and Josh with some original moves.
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Props – Best Of 98 Full Video

Wow, this is awesome. If you are at home and not planing to go out to see a movie or to a party tonight, Props dropped the Best Of 98 full video, due to many requests. If you haven’t seen this classic video yet, please do it right now, or over the weekend.
Featuring Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, Jay Miron, Jamie Bestwick, Simon Tabron, Dave Osato, Ruben Alcantara, Van Homan and many more. Enjoy.
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