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Rocker “Mini” BMX – Ryan Taylor Vs Sam Pilgrim “Game Of BIKE”

Now here is a super fun one for you guys. Ryan Taylor (professional BMX rider) and Sam Pilgrim (professional MTB rider) going against each other in a game of BIKE. But this is not your average game of BIKE, because they are pulling all the tricks on Rocker BMX’s mini BMX bike. So good and I still want to try this bike out.
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Rocker BMX Commercial With Harry Main And Ryan Taylor

Harry Main and Ryan Taylor in this commercial for the Rocker BMX, one shredding this micro BMX bike and the other giving you some informations. Ryan almost pulled a bunnyhop flair into quarter with it and I really want to see it pulled. I was just wondering, why is it Ryan always riding it and Harry never even touches it? Never mind, hit play and enjoy these two in action.
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Harry Main Presents “Rocker Challenge” #1 – Ryan Taylor

Harry Main started with new web series where he will be challenging pro riders to get something wild done on a Rocker mini bike. For the first episode he met up with Ryan Taylor at the Flo indoor skatepark in Nottingham, UK and this is what went down. Things went really crazy towards the end. Check it.
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Harry Main Calling The Shots For Ryan Taylor

Harry Main and Ryan Taylor met up at the Flo indoor skatepark in Nottingham, UK, where they team up with Leo Baron and filmed this wild and funny calling the shots. Two big names, one calling the shots and the other pulling it. When it comes to this situation you know things will go big and they did. Enjoy.
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Hyper Bike Co – Summer Camp

This summer Hyper Bike Co organized a summer camp for the kids to help them out with the tricks and to bring them together with pro riders like Scotty Cranmer, Cory Berglar, Ryan Taylor, Matt Ray and Greg Illingworth. Kids are getting wilder and wilder these days. Check out what happened above.
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Hyper Crew At NASS 2013

Hyper BMX crew Logan Martin, Ryan Taylor and Anton McGuirk were at this year’s NASS festival and this is quick recap from their time spent over there, killing the course. All three went really big and insane with their riding, with Logan taking a hard crash attempting a 1080 barpsin, but he still got first place.
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NASS 2013 Practice Highlights

More BMX Videos
Practice highlights from the NASS 2013 event are here, brought to you by people over at the Ride UK. Some insane stuff already went down from Alex Coleborn, Dean Cueson, Jack Clarke, Jordan Aleppo, Logan Martin, Matt Priest, Mike Curley, Ryan Taylor, Todd Meyn and Tom Justice. This is going to be one wild weekend, NASS 2013 and BMX Worlds in Germany.
Oh, if you missed Curley’s nose manual show scroll down.
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Adrenaline Alley – Performance And Event Arena Promo

Ben Wallace, Ryan Taylor, Alex Colleborn trying out the new Adrenaline Alley building and outside trails. There will be a building 2 launch jam/event on 15th and 16th of June, so be there and make sure you get the tickets soon enough. This place looks fun and all this mean there will be more and more crazy good riders coming out from this training facility.
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Team Dead Sailor – B-Roll

Chris Ashowrth and the Team Dead Sailor did released anything new for a while now, so Chris decided to put together all the clips he had left over from the past year. Including riding from Paul Ashworth, Chris himself, Ryan Taylor, Pete Walshaw, Ryan Mollan, Ron Chan, Chris Brooks and Ilias Mavrovas. This is also the last footage of Ryan Taylor before he passed away and they are stoked to finally put it out for the world to see it.
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Hyper At FISE 2013

When we are talking about the Hyper crew, you know we are talking about madness. Watch Logan Martin, Ryan Taylor, Anton McGuirk and Josh Crosswell going nuts over at the 2013 FISE Montpellier contest. If you don’t believe me this will tell you all, 1080 barspin by Logan. Incredible.
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