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Welcome To Poland Episode 4 – Damian Onufrak

The episode 4 of the Welcome to Poland series from Ryszard Syryczynski is here and it features Total BMX’s Damian Onufrak. Winters are extremely cold in Poland, so locals can be really stoked to have places like this to ride and to keep progressing over the cold days. Damian is an amazing rider and he properly mixes box jump tricks with technical combos. This is a must see.
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Welcome To Poland Episode 1 – Rafal Kierc

Ryszard Syryczynski started a new web series called “Welcome To Poland” where he will be featuring all the best riders from Poland, filmed at spots around the country. To kick things off, here is the first episode featuring park machine Rafal Kierc. Five minutes of riding and it does not get boring, not even for a second.
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MTBMX 2013 Highlights

Once again Ryszard Syryczynski did an amazing job with filming clips and editing to bring out another awesome event video highlights. This time from a Polish BMX and MTB dirt competition that recently took place called MTBMX 2013. Even if the main thing was dirt, riders also throw a jam down at the skatepark.
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Hit & Run Stop 3 – Warsaw

We could say Hit & Run is something similar to the popular DUB Jams, you set the date and location and try to hit as many spots as you can with all the attending riders. Ryszard Syryczynski went to the third stop of the jam that happened in Warsaw, Poland and since he went there to ride and not to film, he snapped a few clips here and there with his iPhone 5 and make this video highlights. We all know the Polish scene is really big and this is a good proof.

2013 Baltic Games Highlights By Ryyseee

You thought there won’t be any more highlights dropping from the 2013 Baltic Games in Gdansk, Poland? You were wrong, here are another one made by Ryszard Syryczynski “Ryysee” and they are something you must not miss today. As already sad in the previous post, Baltic Games are bigger and better each year and this only means, bigger and better riding.
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Red Bull At Simple Session 2013

It’s been a while since we saw an edit from Simple Session 2013, right? Ryszard Syryczynski just hit me up with his version he made for Red Bull, featuring, well, Red Bull riders of course. All I will say about it is that it is really good and if it’s snowing outside like it’s here, you definitely need to watch it.
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2011 Simpel Session – Short Interviews

Simpel Session 2011 Pre Contest Chats from RyyS on Vimeo.

Poland guy Ryszard Syryczy?ski got some riders to give their opinion about this years contest. In this video you’ll find Brian Kachinsky, Drew Bezanson, Ruben Alcantara, Stefan Lantschner, Catfish, Sergio Layos and a lot more.
Video by Ryszard Syryczy?ski