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Justin Spriet – San Diego Sessions

Justin Spriet: San Diego Sessions – More BMX Videos

Justin Spriet hit up San Diego to shred a ditch, street spots and a skatepark and over the short time of spent over there, he filmed plenty of dope stuff. It is always great seeing new stuff from Justin on the web. This kid can go extremely technical and is also no stranger to pulling big stuff in the air.
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NASA San Diego Edit

The astronauts are back with hot new piece filmed around the spots of San Diego, California. NASA crew is always coming out with good stuff and this one is pretty much the same. Hit play above and enjoy.
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John Stafford And Friends – San Diego Sessions

John Stafford and Friends – San Diego Sessions – More BMX Videos

John Stafford, Justin Waterloo, Dallas and Ernesto Fernandez hit local skateparks in San Diego with Miles Rogoish behind the lens and look, they filmed a few clips and this new web edit was made.

Proving Grounds Stop 3 – San Diego, California

Proving Ground is just another really good example how good kids these days are. The third and final stop went down in San Diego, California and these are the highlights, brought to you by Ride BMX. Pro riders, AM rider and also the little guys all completely destroyed the course. Enjoy.

Red Bull “Ride And Seek” Ep. 3 – San Diego W/ Garrett Reynolds

Red Bull just dropped the third Ride And Seek episode where Corey Martinez heads to San Diego, California to met up with Garrett Reynolds and the rest of the friends to get some riding and filming done and of course to invite Garrett on a motorcycle journey from Nasville to Florida. So much good stuff in here it will blow you away. Do not wait people, watch Garrett and Corey along with others murdering every single spot they hit.
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San Diego Mix With DeMarcus Paul

DeMarcus Paul and Miles Rogoish behind the lens teamed up and hit various street spots San Diego is offering for the new episode of Crooked World. DeMarcus is no stranger to wild toothpick hangovers to hop over and toothpicks in general. Heavy stuff in here, heavy.
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Jakub Lochman San Diego Edit

Really good edit from Jakub Lochman hitting a few skateparks in San Diego. I don’t remember hearing of this guy before, but will definitely looking forward to all of his upcoming work, because he shreds hard and he shreds with style.
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San Diego Sizzle With Paul DeMarcus

Paul DeMarcus teamed up with Miles Rogoish on a sunny day in San Diego and hit up the skatepark to get some business done. Paul has a really solid style and nailed down some impressive moves. The last up tooth to quick crank grind on top was damn crazy.
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Mitch McKelvey Killing San Diego

OB Mitch Killing San Diego – More BMX Videos

Mitch McKelvey mixes trails and skatepark riding around San Diego, California spots in this recent edit of him, with special guest appearance from no other that Jimmy Levan himself. Mitch shreds hard and it is also awesome to see some action from Jimmy.
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Ross Lanier Fall 2012

Southern California based rider Ross Lanie has be busy riding his bike the whole year of 2012 and recently he visited a few skateparks around the greater San Diego area to get some filming done. All this was filmed in just two short session. I hardly believe that, because Ross nailed down some big jump box tricks, some tech stuff and a clean barspin to hang 5. Tons of skills from this guy.
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