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The Daily Grind – DGmixtape Vol 2

The Daily Grind once again produced an amazing mixtape video featuring riders that are part of the DG team, or are good friends. You will see street riding and you will see skatepark riding from riders like Tony Cherry, Scott Steele, Ryan Howard, Mojo Vance, Mitch Doran, Devan Denham, Noah Foster, Mark Hobbs, Eric Mesta, Dustin Voegler and Gremlin.
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The Daily Grind – How To Wax A Ledge

If you don’t know how to properly wax a fresh new ledge you wanna grind, The Daily Grind’s Gremlin, Scott Steele and Tony Cherry got together to film this how to to help you out. Gremlin worked pretty hard on sending the whole ledge, but all three had a lot of fun later grinding it and pulling a few quick and sweet moves.
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The Daily Grind DVD – Scott Steele Section

New section from The Daily Grind DVD is here, new crazy section. Scott Steele took some really nasty crashes when filming for his part, especially that last wallride attempt. I think his last name could easily be changed for steel, cause this guy is made out of steel, walking out from all those falls without any serious injuries. You know final products is wild and sick. Enjoy.
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The Daily Grind – Mix Tape Vol. 1

The idea of The Daily Grind’s Mix Tapes is to show you the DG team and riders who support the name. Here is the first installment and featuring six minutes of riding from Tony Cherry, Scott Steele, Ryan Howard, Dan Hylton and Gremlin. This crew never disappoints and this one is no exception.

The Daily Grind – Scott Steele Wallride Gone Wrong

This is the extended version of the crash Scott Stelle took wile attempting this wallride over a gap into a step bank from The Daily Grind’s DVD. I don’t like watching this stuff, but luckily, Scott walked out of it without any bigger injuries. Wear helmets, god damn.
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Tony Cherry & Scott Steele Flow Jibbin

Tony Cherry and Scott Steele getting pretty damn technical with grinds at the flat rail and flat ledge at Flow Skatepark in Ohio. I think this is the first time for me to see x-up double peg to toothpick hangover pulled.

Daily Grind DVD Trailer

This is trailer for the Daily Grind DVD that should be out sometime in October. It will be featuring riding from Troy Merkle, Ryan Howard, Gremlin, Tony Cherry, Scott Steele and friends. By watching the trailer, DVD should be full of really good riding.
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