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Sean Burns Welcome To Hellride

Sean Burns – Welcome to Hellride from on Vimeo.

This is something you will definitely make you excited, wild and crazy. Sean Burns will be from now on riding for Russian BMX shop called Hellride. Sean sure is one hell of a rider and he perfectly fits in the name of the shop. Hit play and see Sean Burns going big on the streets and also taking a few nasty crashes.
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Eclat’s Sean Burns And The Insane Gap To Manual

Do you still remember that insane gap to manual on a tiny little rail from Eclat’s Natives series featuring Sean Burns? I know you do, well here here is now the filming process how it went before it got pulled. First an icepick, then a crash and later pulled perfectly.
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Eclat “Natives” Episode 6 – Sean Burns Part 1

And we finally have it. The sixth and final episode of the Natives series from Eclat featuring Sean Burns is here. Eclat started with this searies back in March 2013 with all their pro riders and this is the last one now which is split into two parts. They visited Sean Burns’ home town and asked him several questions about his early days and about how damaged his body is – and it is damaged a freaking lot. In between words there is plenty of wild and insane riding with several nasty crashes. Must watch.
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Bone Deth – 48 Wheels Promo

Now this is what I would call a proper promotional video for a product. First you give the product to your team riders to test it out and of course tape all the madness, then you tell all the specification and later you tell and show why your products is worth buying. This is a promo video for Bone Deth’s 48 hole wheels, with Sean Burns telling and showing why you need these rims and that they will never let you down, not even when pulling an insane gap and you land a little more forward.
Featuring riding from Sean Burns, Chris Crawford, Jay Wilson, Lee Hopkins, Kert Petersel, Dirt Ron and Dean Dickinson.
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Ant Scarer – Bone Deth Artist

If you ever wondered who does the art work for the crazy guys over at Bone Deth, here is now your answer. The Ant Scarer from Dunedin, New Zealand. Get a quick little story behind the work from Sean Burns himself, along with all the designs and also some riding action from Ant.
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Summer Jerry’s

Aaron Smith has been filming a lot over the past months with Matt Busby, Darryl Tocco, Lee Hopkins, Sean Burns, Charlie Webber, Joe Grogan and Mark Wheeler and finally put together clips into this sweet “Summer Jerry’s” mix web edit. Enjoy.
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Bone Deth – Boner House Episode 2 – Pony Boy

Oh man, sometimes I don’t even know what to think about the Bone Deth crew and Sean Burns for example, but he always surprises the world with something wild, crazy, weird and insane, let it be on or off the bike. Here is the second episode of the Boner House where Burns is a Pony Boy. You must not miss this one in your life.
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Bone Deth – Boner House Episode 1

Crazy people over at the Bone Deth started with a new web series called Boner House and here is the first episode called The Tip. You never know what to expect from these guys, so all I will say is that Sean Burns and Chris Tardiff are featured in here. See it for yourself.
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The Eclat Maverick Cranks With A Sean Burns Test

Eclat is presenting you Chester Blacksmith and Sean Burns talking and testing the new and coming Burns signature aluminum Maverick cranks. No welds, 22 mm and 48 spline drive makes this a very strong cranks and Sean Burns’ also demonstrates how he is usually testing cranks at the end of the video.
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Bone Deth – Summer Boogie 2

The second installment in Bone Deth’s Summer Boogie series is all about weirdness, girls, balls, riding and some other random stuff from Colt Fake, Kert Petersel, Chris Crawford, Lee Hopkins, Waffle, Sean Burns, Albie Bennett, Bungay, Party Management, Dean Dickinson, Dirt Ron, Jay Wilson and Webster.
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