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LKI Gloves – Jake Leiva Quickie

Jake Leiva is on the LKI Gloves team for over a year now and since they brought a whole new line of gloves on the scene for 2014, here is a quick promotional video, filmed at the Unit 23 skatepark, to promote it. Filmed and edited by Sebastian Smith.
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Cult – Andrew Casarez 2013 Winter Edit

I think Andrew Casarez is still 13 years old and fir his age he is killing it extremely hard. Have in mind that this whole edit was filmed in just two days at the Woodward West during the 2013 winter camp. Kid is a shredder and definitely the future of BMX. Filmed and edited by Sebastian Smith.
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Brandon Loupos Welcome To Fox

Australian based park machine, Brandon Loupos, recently spent some time in Australia, where he teamed up with Sebastian Smith and filmed all bunch of really mad clips for his welcome to Fox web edit. It may start easy, but it get followed by big stunts like 1080s, 360 triple whips and much more.
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Recon Tour Play AM Finals Highlights

This made me pretty much speechless. The Recon Tour Play AM finals went down this past weekend at Mike Spinner’s backyard and it was ridiculous. Top 10 athletes from ten stops of the Recon Tour were competing against each other for the top prize. The winner of the contest was 16 years old David Lieb. Judges had a lot of work, because the level of riding from these youngsters is extremely high.

Play AM final results:
1. David Lieb
2. Brian Fox
3. Colton Walker
4. Jake Anthony Leiva
5. Sebastian Smith
6. Adam Piatek
7. Wesley Hark
8. Trent Newkirk
9. Edward Percival
10. Mike Sugdinis
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Danny Josa Woodward West 2013 Edit

Two minutes of super smooth brakeless and pegless riding from Danny Josa at the Woodward West, filmed and edited by Sebastian Smith. Danny likes to flow around the park, pulling airs, air time tricks and also knows how to get technical. Sunday is poor with edits, so take your time and watch this one now.
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Jake Leiva Welcome To Hyper BMX

After leaving KHE Jake Leiva is now a flow Hyper BMX rider and this is his welcome to the team edit, filmed at the Woodward West by Sebastian Smith, to make everything official. Jake has a really big bag of tricks and some massive combos on lock. Watch out for this kid in the future.
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Day In The Life With Adam Banton At Woodward West

Spent a day with Adam Banton at Woodward West. From fooling around and ordering his special meal, to jamming in the music room and riding ramps, this is how his normal day looks like. Adam sure is a funny guy and I am sure kids love to have him around. Filmed and edited by Sebastian Smith.
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Woodward West – Mike Saavedra’s 10 For 10

Mike Saavedra’s ten clips at the Woodward West in celebration of Woodward’s ten years of being. Super stylish riding from Mike, a few barspins, turndwons and some back tire action. Mostly ramp riding, but Mike also touches some dirt. Filmed and edited by Sebastian Smith.
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Sarah Lampert – 2013 Woodward West Summer Edit

Sarah Lampert made the move to Woodward West from Eugene, OR to spent here summer of 2013 working over there. When she was not working, she was enjoying the facility, riding indoor, outdoors, ramps and trails and this is what she got on the camera over the last week of staying over there. Sarah took a few crashes but always got up and pulled the trick. There is a lot of girl action going on on the web lately, sweet. Filmed and edited by Sebastian Smith.
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Woodward West – Brandon Loupos’ 10 For 10

Brandon Loupos, the guy who pulled the world first cash roll tailwhip is here with ten clips for Woodward West’s ten anniversary. You know Brandon, he always comes out with at least one crazy move, but usually there are several. Filmed and edited by Sebastian Smith.
One more thing, one do you think about the Cash Roll Tailwhip we posted yesterday? That stunt is insane, right? Or is it really a cash roll, or just a weird variation of a 720? I go with cash roll.
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