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Ruben’s Waves – Riding Edit w/ Alcantara, Layos And Roe

We have seen the video interview Red Bull did with Ruben Alcantara about his skatepark project and today it is time for the riding edit, filmed at the new and incredible concrete bowl in Malaga, Spain. Super stylish and super wild riding from Ruben Alcantara, Sergio Layos and Matt Roe. So much style in here.
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Fly Bikes Coastin Part 1

The first part of three parts web series from Fly Bikes, called “Coastin” dropped and if you know anything about this brand and the riders that are featured in the project, you know it’s going to be good stuff only. Ruben Alcantara, Sergio Layos, Matt Roe, Devon Smillie, Chris Finnigan, Kevin Kalkoff, Stefan Lantschner and Courage Adams are the riders featured in it, filmed and edited by Lee Turner. Simply amazing. Seen on TCU.
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Rock Park

There is a small island called Gozo, located near Malta, that have a natural skatepark, made out of rock. Can you believe it? I know it is hard to believe, but it is true. Red Bull send Sergio Layos along with Liam Eltham and Ben Hennon to the spot to shot photos and clips. This is absolutely amazing and mind blowing. I would love to have something like this in my local area.
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Sergio Layos – X Games Barcelona

Guys over at We Are Sunday caught up with Sergio Layos for a quick but really good piece filmed at the Eurocamp ramps and around some street spots. Everyone who is a foreigner and don’t speak English, learn from these guys and try putting subtitles in all your videos.
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Vans 2013 U.S. Open BMX Invitational Recap

Something more from the recent Vans Van Doren Invitational that took place this past weekend. Some of the best in the world riding this wild bowl setup, but it was Daniel Sandoval who got first. Riding from Tom Dugan, Rob Darden, Sergio Layos, Dan Foley, Brian Foster and others.
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New Dig Cover, Issue 95

Sergio Layos scored the cover of the 95th issue of the Dig magazine, the “Creative Control” issue, that was shot at the Red Bull Dirt Conquers contest. If you haven’t seen any of the highlights yet, you go watch it now, cause it was wild. Seen over on Defgrip.

X Games Barcelona – Park Practice Video

More BMX Videos
Ride UK cooked this quick little video highlights from the X Games Park practice, to show you this sick bowl style course and some shredding from Ryan Nyquist, Kriss Kyle, Daniel Dhers, Sergio Layos, Pat Casey and Gary Young. Pretty sick seeing Kriss riding the course.
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BMX Street Station 2013 Highlights

Highlights from the recent BMX Street Station 2013 that took place in Lyon, France on May 4th to 5th. All you who were there witness some really amazing riding on the ramps, over jump box and also on rails and ledges. Riding from Anthony Perrin, Jason Phelan, Alex Valentino, Maxime Charveron, Sergio Layos and more. Enjoy.
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Red Bull – Sergio Layos’ Road To Recovery

We all know how much it sucks being injured and how bad it is being off the bike for a year, due to a serious leg injury. Sergio Layos is finally getting back in the game and here is a road to recovery video Red Bull threw together, showing you how hard he was working during the recovery and also showing you some fresh new, super stylish clips. BMX riders are tough beings and here is one of many proof.
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Props Road Fools 12 – Day 4 Pittsburgh, PA

The fourth day of the Props Road Fools 12 was a trails and street session in Pittsburgh, PA. Classic Road Fools stuff is always awesome to watch, even if it is for 100+ times. Featuring Sergio Layos, Chris Doyle, Ryan Nyquist, Jason Enns, Shawn Arata, Bob Scerbo, Steven Hamilton, Corey Martinez, Kevin Porter, Gary Young, Ryan Barrett, Seth Kimbrough, Brian Kachinsky and Scott Malyon
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