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Shadow Conspiracy – Cody And Dawson Clark Welcome To The Family

The Shadow Conspiracy is proud to welcome Cody and Dawson Clark, the Wonder Twins to their family and this is their split welcome to the team edit. I really do not know where to start. These two are seriously incredible and both have so much control. Even if they are twins that does not mean they have the same styles of riding. They don’t, but they are both extremely creative and are masters of nose manuals. They really are and no one can’t get even close to them. They are both no strangers to regular and opposite grinds and they are obsessed with pulling trick combos and proper lines. Shadow Conspiracy is really lucky and so are we, because new stuff from the Wonder twins is always a treat to watch. Now hit the play button above and enjoy the technical madness. You would probably need to watch it two or three times to even see all the stuff they nailed down.
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Shadow Conspiracy Crew At Simple Session 2014

Here are three minutes of amazing riding form Shadow Conspiracy crew doing it at this year’s version of the Simple Session event, the “best” contest of the year. Drew Bezanson, Trey Jones, Simone Barraco, Lahsaan Kobza, Paul Ryan and Joris Coulomb all pulled plenty of really good stunts with a couple serious highlights. But it is no secret that Drew Bezanson’s riding is just mental. Especially when it gets to that insane 270 drop from the massive sub-box into quarter piper. Shadow Conspiracy has an amazing team that covers everything, insane park stuff, technical grinding moves and creativity. I also really need to mention Trey Jones, there are some sweet tricks and trick combos in here from him. I really liked the manual to backwards manual to manual. Barraco’s up nose many to tail tap to backwards nose many was also sick as hell.
Giving a short comment on the Shadow Conspiracy team, they are all just incredible riders.
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Joris Coulomb On Shadow Conspiracy Pro

Joris Coulomb has been part of the Shadow Conspiracy crew for a while now, but today company announced that he has been bumped to the professional team. Joris and his amazing riding skills sure deserve the bump. It is time for a welcome to the pro team edit no, right?

Albert Mercado On Shadow Conspiracy Pro

Albert Mercado has been riding for The Shadow Conspiracy crew for a very long time and it was really about time the bumped him to the pro team. I can not wait to see what Albert and Shadow are up to, but I assume good things only.

Florida BMX Skatepark Series 2014 Stop 2 – Orlando Skatepark

Video highlights from the second stop of the Florida BMX Skatepark Series that went down at the Orlando skatepark and was also the Keep It Local event from Shadow Conspiracy and Subrosa. From young shredders to pro riders, everyone was nailing down hot stuff, so hit play and enjoy.
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Shadow Conspiracy – KIL In Review

2013 was a busy year for The Shadow Conspiracy crew, being all over the United States making Keep It Local tours as sick as possible. Here is a collection of the footage filmed on tours featuring Trey Jones, Simone Barraco, Lahsaan Kobza, Johnny Devlin, Ben Hucke, Seth Kimbrough, Drew Bezanson, Eric Bahlman, Albert Mercado, Mark Burnett and Jono Hoping.
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Tom Smith Video Bike Check

Shadow Conspiracy AM rider Tom Smith teamed up with Jeremie Infelise and filmed a few, no, actually, he filmed tons of solid skatepark lines for this video bike check. Last nose manual to manual to nose manual to 180 line was incredible.
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Ben Hucke And Lahsaan Kobza – Toolin’ Around

Shadow Conspiracy shredders, Ben Hucke and Lahsaan Kobza, putting Shadow’s Multi Tool to a good use while building themselves up their setups before opening a cold one (with the tool).
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Shadow Conspiracy Fall T-Shirt Grab Bag

There is a new deal going on for you people over at The Shadow Conspiracy web store, where you can get yourself three T-shirts for just $29.99 (you pick the size and they pick the shirts). Good enough for you? Of course it is, hit it and get a nice surprise.

Shadow Conspiracy 2013 Holiday Apparel Collection

Shadow Conspiracy dropped a lookbook to show you their 2013 holiday collection. Flip through it and take a look at all the new products they will have to offer and start saving money, or write it down and maybe Santa will get it.
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