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Shadow Conspiracy KIL Tour – Michigan Edit

Shadow Conspiracy’s Caleb Quanbeck, Johnny Devlin and Lahsaan Kobza doing it around the streets of Michigan on Shadow’s latest Keep It Local tour. Besides hitting some really fun looking spots and nailing down tons and tons of amazing stunts they also did a demo with the locals in front of the Albe’s shop. Don’t sit on this one, watch it now.
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Shadow Conspiracy Keep It Local Tour – Canada

The Shadow Conspiracy riders Simone Barraco, Trey Jones, Lahsaan Kobza and Jono Hopping are going to Calgary, Canada for the Keep It Local tour. They will do two shops stops, one at the BP Cycle and Sport and the other at the BMX Gallery. You can find more info above.

Mariano Santiago Welcome To Shadow Conspiracy

Mariano Santiago is now riding for The Shadow Conspiracy and here is his official announcement via this welcome to the team edit. Miriano has a super wild and original style of street riding you don’t see everyday. I am 100% sure you will enjoy this one.
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Shadow Conspiracy – Albert Mercado “ToasterVision” Edit

Albert Mercado hitting spots around San Diego for his latest Shadow Conspiracy piece. Since the first time I heard for Albert a few years ago until now (and I know it will be like this in the future) I am still really into his style of riding. He is pulling stuff clean and is also one of those guys, who are seeing things a bit differently and uses spots a bit differently than normal riders.
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Shadow Conspiracy – Simone Barraco’s Ecuador Adventure

On a recent trip to Ecuador Shadow Conspiracy’s own Simone Barraco and Ryan Chadwick captured an amazing amount of really awesome clips from Simone and from the locals. Even if not having the best of luck with everything and missing Seth Kimbrough they still did an amazing job and came back home with a handful of footage. Simone can nollie barspin/nose manual barspin every object. Enjoy.
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Shadow Conspiracy Summer Grab Bag Sale

Shadow Conspiracy has a pretty cool deal for you guys, that is going on from now until July 31st, 2013. For just as cheap as $29.99 you can get yourself two T-shirts, a snapback, 5 stickers and a poster. You chose the size and they choose the shirts. Exclusively through their web store.

Shadow Conspiracy – Seth Kimbrough Noctis Cranks Promo

Hear from Seth Kimbrough himself about his signature Shadow Conspiracy Noctis alloy cranks, why they were maybe and why he is into aluminium cranks and also get a handful of clips from Seth, Albert Mercado, Eric Bahlman and Caleb Quanbeck putting these cranks to use. I always loved Seth’s style of riding and I still do even if his style changed a lot.
The Noctis cranks feature 7050 T-6 alloy arms with dual pinch bolts are are left hand drive and right hand drive compatible. They feature a 22mm hollow heat treated 4130 chromoly spindle with 16 splines. These weight in 33.7 oz for arms and spindle and are available in 175mm length only.
Cranks come in seven different colors, black, raw polish, white, crimson red, purple, copper and perma blue.
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2013 Shadow Conspiracy Catalog Online Now

The 2013 Shadow Conspiracy catalog is now online and ready for you to check all the new products from Shadow, barsp, sprockets, forks, stems, grips, seats, brakes, cranks and more along with all the apparel. Stuff really looks good.
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Shadow Conspiracy Bolt Type Raptor Cassett Hub And Hub Guards

This is new B.T.R cassette hub guard, or with other word the Bolt Type Raptor cassette hub which features an oversized bearings compliment to a 11 mm female axles, 14 mm bolts and 4 pawl driver with polymer bushing. To go along with this hub, Shadow exclusively made three different hub guards, a standard non-drive side alloy guard, a chromoly steel non-drive side guard and a chromoly steel drive side hub guard. If you are looking for a new tough hub, this could be the one.

Caleb Quanbeck Video Bike Check

Caleb Quanbeck – Riding + Bike Check – More BMX Videos

Caleb Quanbeck built himself up a fresh new Kink Tocco setup mixed with other Kink and Shadow Conspiracy parts. Here he is running you through his current setup along with nailing down a few hot moves, to make this one proper video bike check.
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