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Drew Bezanson Bike Check

The Drew, the Bezanson is showing you his red DK Team setup, built using mostly Shadow Conspiracy parts up on the Shadow site. Go and check it out, if you would like to find out what parts Drew has on his bike along with some closeup shots.

Buy Shadow Cargo Shorts Get A Trucker Hat Free

Shadow Conspiracy has a really good deal for you guys. For a limited time you will get a free trucker heat if you buy Creeper cargo shorts, which are available in black, khaki and camo. Stay fresh during the spring time.

Johnny Devlin Bike Check

Johnny Devlin built himself a fresh new S&M ATF bike with Credence bars and Pitchfork XLT forks along with some Shadow Conspiracy parts, making it an all black bike. Check his whip above.

48 Hours Giveaway – Shadow Conspiracy 138 Grips

We have a new 48 Hours Giveaway going on for you guys. This time we are giving each and everyone out there a chance to with Trey Jones’ signature 138 grips from Shadow Conspiracy + Shadow and Mellon stickers. All you have to do it like and share the photo up on out Facebook page and you are done.

Shadow Conspiracy Cinco De Drinko T-Shirt

To celebrate the upcoming Cinco de Mayo holiday, Shadow Conspiracy made a limited run of the new Cinco de Drinko T-shirt, that you can order it exclusively through their web store. Hurry up with your order, because this one will go in no time.

Eric Bahlman Front Yard Session

Check out Shadow Conspiracy’s Eric Bahlam building himself up that blue machine, that you saw a little while ago, refreshing his ramps with new logos and throwing a chill session down in his front yard. I would love to throw a sesh down on this flat rail and ledge.
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Lahsaan Kobza Bike Check

Make your way of to the Shadow Conspiracy site if you wanna check a bike check they made with Lahsaan Kobza and the bike he is currently riding. It is a Simone Barraco signature Noster frame mixed with mostly Shadow parts and Subrosa Bitchin’ cranks.

Shadow Keep It Local Tour – Ecuador

Shadow Conspiracy is heading on their first Keep It Local tour in 2013. They are sending Seth Kimbrough and Simone Barraco to Ecuador where they will be filming for thier upcoming full length DVD and hanging out at the Latitude 0 BMX Park Contest on April 27th and 28th.

Eric Bahlam Bike Check

Move your ass over to the Shadow Conspiracy web site to check out Eric Bahlam’s current Volume Bikes Bermuda setup in blue. This whip pretty much built up using Shadow Conspiracy and Volume Bikes and it looks dialed to me.

Mark Burnett Welcome To Shadow Conspiracy

Shadow Conspiracy is really proud to welcome your Mark Burnett to their team. Mark is only 15 years old kiddo, who has an amazing style of riding and is hitting streets really hard. I was impressed by several moves in this one and just can not decided which is my favorite, cause there is too many good stuff.
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