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Trey Jones Bike Check

Shadow Conspiracy made a bike check with Trey Jones and his Cult Death Row bike in site 21″. There is a handful of closeup shots up on their page and of course the parts list for all you who are curious what parts Trey is riding.

Rippin’ Riverside Skatepark BMX Bash

Rippin’ Riverside Skatepark in Oviedo, FL is organizing a BMX Bash on Saturday, February 23rd. Skatepark will be free for whole day to bikes only, there will be a Shadow Conspiracy coffin grind box session and much more. If you are somewhere near, go there.

Joris Coulomb Welcome To Shadow Conspiracy

This welcome to the team edit has been cooking since September last year and it is finally done and ready to watch. It was definitely worth the wait, because all this clips from Shadow Conspiracy’s newest addition to the team, Joris Coulomb, are so damn good. I simply love his opposite barspins, look so clean.
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Johnny Devlin Shadow Conspiracy Ad

The Shadow Conspiracy’s latest print ad featuring Johnny Devlin pulling a 180 downside fakie smith grind and their Crow sprocket. This one is featured in the 12th issue of The Albion magazine.

New Shadow Conspiracy Double-Sided Poster

This is a sneak peek at the upcoming Shadow Conspiracy’s double-sided poster, which will be dropping very soon. One side includes their riders and the other promotes their 2013 Keep It Local tour.
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FLBMX Contest Series – Shadow KIL Stop

Watch these amazing video highlights from the FLBMX contest series Shadow Keep It Local stop, that went down back in December at the Orlando skatepark. All I can say is that the contest was huge success, tons of riders came and some sick stuff got pulled. Featuring Lahsaan Kobza, Trey Jones, Mark Mulville and some crazy Florida locals.
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Shadow Conspiracy Keep Your Bones Warm Winter Kit

The Shadow Conspiracy has a really cool deal for you guys to keep your bones warm. From today till Monday, February 4th, you can get yourself a Keep It Local hoodie, Mesa beanie and Mesa socks for the low price of $69.99. If you are looking for some new gear, this is the right time to get it.

Shadow Conspiracy KIL Sprocket Now Available

Shadow Conspiracy’s American made Keep It Local sprocket is available now. This sprockets are available in black only and come in two different sizes, 25t and 28t. These one look pretty much clean and simple.

Tom Smith Video Bike Check

Tom Smith gives you a rundown of his current Subrosa and Shadow Conspiracy setup along with talking about how he got hooked up by them, Empire’s Bad Idea and more and mix everything together with some street riding around Austin, Texas.
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Albert Mercado Bike Check

Albert Mercado built himself up a fresh new Kink Tocco frame loaded with Shadow Conspiracy parts. Now guys over at Shadow made a bike check with him, to show you what he will be riding in 2013.