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Shadow Conspiracy X Subrosa Turn It To 11 Complete Bike

Finally, more news on Shadow Conspiracy’s and Subrosa’s limited edition Turn It Up To 11 complete bike are here. This bike is loaded up with all the top Shadow parts and built to a custom Simone Barraco signature Noster frame. This bike will be out in June 2013 and you would need to contact your local shop or favorite mail order to pick one up. Make sure you check out all the specs and more photos on Shadow’s.

Shadow Conspiracy Chromoly Hub Guard Sneak Peek

This is a sneak peek of the upcoming Shadow Conspiracy chromoly hub guards. Still in the works and I am sure they will also have the rear version of Raptor hub in chromoly option. Looking simple and clean.

Caleb Quanbeck Bike Check

The Shadow Conspiracy posted photos and parts list of Caleb Quanbeck’s newest Hoffman Bikes / Shadow Conspiracy whip. Click here if you want to see why this bike makes him nose manual so good. Maybe because of the lady?

Shadow Conspiracy – Lahsaan Kobza’s Night Moves

Shadow Conspiracy’s Lahsaan Kobza and Phoenix based filmed Bobby Kanode teamed up recently for a night session to film some stuff on a BMX bike and some stuff on cruiser. Lahsaan’s chill and smooth style of riding and night shots made this edit really enjoyable to watch. Guest clips from Pat King and Tammy McCarley.
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Ben Hucke – Getting Serious In Los Angeles

Diamondback’s Ben Hucke keeps getting busier and busier. In this third episode he tries to fight to Shanon Slack, plays a game of BIKE on a mini ramp with Rick Thorne, visits Quintin, rides some concrete with Raul Ruiz, gets a Shadow logo tattooed and of course parties with some ladies.
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Paul Ryan Bike Check & Shadow Conspiracy Ad

Make your way over to The Shadow Conspiracy site to check UK’s Paul Ryan’s current white Mongoose Team bike and scroll down for a little bit, to see their newest The Albion print ad. If I am right, this photo of Paul’s opposite downside tailwhip was shot on TCU’s Germany trip.

Shadow Conspiracy X QBMX – SoCal Shop Stop

A few months ago The Shadow Conspiracy teamed up with their distributor QBMX and took Trey Jones, Lahsaan Kobza, Simone Barraco, Albert Mercado, Seth Kimbrough and Joris Coulomb on a tour through SoCal visiting various shops. They made several stops, shred with locals and here is a collection of clips they managed to film. Good shredding, good times.
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Shadow Conspiracy Tracker Backpack Close Up

Shadow Conspiracy dropped a closer look at their Tracker backpack. It is not one of that huge backpacks where you can put your whole house in it, but it is just the prefect one, for that extra stuff you always bring with you on short trips or to school. Click here and check it out.

Shadow Conspiracy – 10% Off All Orders Until December 13th

Shadow Conspiracy is giving everyone a chance to get a 10% discount on all orders you make through their online store. And if your order gets $75 or more, make sure you enter the code “BMX” to receive free shipping within USA.

Shadow Conspiracy 10th Anniversary OSP Session

If you live somewhere near the Orlando skatepark area, this upcoming Monday, December 10th, the entire Shadow Conspiracy team will be there having a session with you. If you can not wait, meet them today.