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Blunted Athletics – Chandler Park Short Clip

Blunted Athletics crew, Matt Closon, Lahsaan Kobza and Shane Cecil, drove to Chandler concrete skatepark before the lights turned off for a session. All three went solid in here, but we can all agree that Shane Cecil’s riding is pretty much the highlight in here. All those pegs stuff he did are freaking awesome. The quality is not the best, buu who cares about quality these days? It is the riding what matters and there is plenty of good riding here. When you are done watching head over to Blunted Athletics web site and check if the have something good for you. I am quite sure they have.
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Introducing – Shane Cecil

Maybe you heard for Shane Cecil before, maybe you haven’t either way, here is one super solid street edit from him, filmed and edited by Greg Moliterno. Grinding regular and opposite, clearing big rails, going technical and much more. This was crazy good and I highly recommend you to watch it ASAP. Seen on Ride.
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The Union – Shane Cecil Quickie

Go to The Union for more videos.
“The other day Bink hit me up to see if I was looking for another original edit, and of course I was. He sent through this quick, but rad edit of his friend Shane Cecil from Arizona. Check it out! Expect more from Bink soon as well!”The Union.