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Shape Bicycles Jam 2013

Here is something for all you trails riders out there. Shape Bicycles recently threw down their 2013 Jam at this spot somewhere in France and it looks like it was a fun day. BMX bike, both freestyle and race and also some MTB stuff in here. Oh and one more thing, these trails look so smooth.
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Shape Bicycles – Making Of Vans Kill The Line Trophies

Here is the behind the scenes look at how the Vans Kill The Line trophies were safely made, by good people over at Shape Bicycles. Videos likes this are always a good watch and this one is no exception. Guns, guns, guns.

Making of Vans Kill The Line trophies

Shape Bicycles X Can You Dig It – Jared Ball Edit

Jared Ball, who is riding for Shape Bicycles, that is distributed through Can You Dig It, filmed a chill and really enjoyable (I really liked the song) web edit, with a few guest clips from his brother Jeremy Ball.
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Shape Bicycles – Product Manufacturing

Take an inside look at how Shape Bicycles sprockets and stems are made, 100% Made In France. Always amazing to watch edits on how stuff’s made with CNC.
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