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Signature BMX – Mikael Savolainen Wheelin’

Mikael Savolainen Wheelin’ from Signature BMX on Vimeo.

This is a collection of clips from the summer of 2013 featuring Signature BMX’s own Mikael Savolainen. I don’t know if you ever heard for Mikael before, but this guy can shred really hard and he can shred it with style.
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Signature BMX – Rocker

Rocker from Signature BMX on Vimeo.

This whole game with Rocker mini BMX bike is getting really popular lately and it looks like in 2014 we will be seeing a lot of edits on this micro bikes. Never actually tried this little bike, but I am sure it is a lot of fun.
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Eki Vainikka – Indoor Edit

Eki Vainikka – #IndoorEdit from Signature BMX on Vimeo.

The winter is in and it is hard to ride outside, so we will be seeing a lot of indoor stuff in the next months from Europe shredders. Eki Vainikka hit up three indoor skateparks and stack a few clips here and there for a new Signature BMX web video. Everyone who knows Eki’s riding will definitely enjoy this one and all of you who don’t know Eki, get familiar now, this kid is a shredder.
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Miika Pantsar Riding At Oz Max

Miika Pantsar riding @Oz MAX from Signature BMX on Vimeo.

Miika Pantsar got lucky and got a fresh new indoor skatepark built in his local skatepark. He instantly hit it and filmed a few tricks and lines here and there for this new Signature BMX web edit. Solid.
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Miika Pantsar For Kink

Miika Pantsar is a Kink rider through Signature BMX and this is his new edit for the company filmed at street and skatepark spots, by Petri Ollila. A really clean style Miika has and clears a pretty big rail at the end wit a double peg.
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Signature BMX – Miika Pantsar Spring 2013 Edit

Finland rider Miika Pantsar is a very skilled rider and this spring 2013 edit, he did with Tiina Törmänen is a good example, how much tricks he has on lock. I am sure guys at Signature BMX are really proud of this kid. Also, this is one fun looking skatepark, I would ride it forever.
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Sokeva Challenge

Signature BMX moved to a new location where they built these ramps and here is the video from the opening they, cooked together by the Good spot, good riding, what you want more? Go and watch some Finish action above.
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A Night With Mikael Savolainen In Pflugerville

Verde BMX rider through Signature BMX Mikael Savolainen hit up the Pflugerville skatepark in Texas, while being over there for the Texas Toast Jam. He managed to film some pretty sweet clips, definitely worth checking out.
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Eki Vainikka Summer Memories

Over the summer of 2012 Eki Vainikka just enjoyed his vacations and riding and didn’t actually went on any filming mission at all, he just filmed a clip or two here and there at this trails, local sketapark and a few street spots and now put them all together for Signature BMX.
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Mikael Savolainen X Eki Vainikka V Hollola Skatepark

Quick split edit featuring Verde rider Mikael Savolainen and United rider Eki Vainikka getting things done at the Hollola Skatepark. Both of these two are getting support through Signature BMX.