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Simon Tabron Welcome To Haro

Simon Tabron – Welcome to Haro from Haro Bikes on Vimeo.

Simon Tabron, one of the best vert riders in the world, had an amazing career already and it looks like he is far from being any near to stopping and retiring. He was recently added to the Haro team and this is his welcome to the team edit. Simon is a veteran that can boost some insane airs and can throw super wild combos in the air. Just enjoy.
Edit made by Justin Kosman.
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Simon Tabron Shredding At Tony Hawk’s Ramp

There is not much of vert one the world wide web, so every single time something new drops I get sicked, especially if it is from a guy like Simon Tabron is. Simon is hanging out at Tony Hawk’s vert ramp a lot, so no wonder why he goes so big and so wild. Don’t wait and start pressing the play button.
Brought to you by Epic TV.
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The Retreat – Lopez Island Vert Session

The Retreat – Lopez Island Vert Session – More BMX Videos

Mat Hoffman, Simon Tabron, Chad Kagy, Zack Warden, Dennic McCoy and Steve McCann head over to a small island outside of Seattle, called Lopez island, for a pretty epic vert session. All I will say is that the web is too poor with vert edits and clips. Just look at these dudes how crazy they all go. Insanity.
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Best Of Dew Tour Ocean City 2013

The best moments from the Dew Tour that took place in Ocean City, Maryland. All four contests are included in here, vert, skatepark, flat and street and features riding from Jamie Bestwick, Simon Tabron, Coco Zurita, Harry Main, Pat Casey, Ryan Nyquist, Matthias Dandois, Sean Sexton, Chad Kerley, Dan Lacey and more.
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Dew Tour Ocean City – Day Two Practice Video

Video highlights from the day two of practice at the Dew Tour Ocean City featuring riding from Pat Casey, Coco Zurita, Harry Main, Drew Bezanson, Jamie Bestwick, Chad Kerley, Simon Tabron, Glenn Salyers and many more. Footage from vert and more footage from the skatepark. The contests are going to be really serious.
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Simon Tabron 2012 Vert Edit

Simon Tabron is not stopping riding his bike at all, completely opposite, he keeps on learning new tricks and news stuff and tries to ride as much as possible. Simon and his wife Shanna teamed up for a couple of sessions and managed to film all these goodies. Enjoy.
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FBM’s Ghetto Big Air Challenge 2008

This is now five years old and it is ridiculous seeing all these guys going wild and really high out of quarter pipes and with bunnyhops. Featuring Steve Crandall, Darryl Nau, Garrettt Gulliams, Chad Kagy, Chad Harrington, Simon Tabron, Ty Morrow and more in Richmond, Virginia.
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Props – Best Of 98 Full Video

Wow, this is awesome. If you are at home and not planing to go out to see a movie or to a party tonight, Props dropped the Best Of 98 full video, due to many requests. If you haven’t seen this classic video yet, please do it right now, or over the weekend.
Featuring Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, Jay Miron, Jamie Bestwick, Simon Tabron, Dave Osato, Ruben Alcantara, Van Homan and many more. Enjoy.
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Off The Record With BMX Style Master Simon Tabron

In this episode of Crooked World‘s “Off The Record”, they sat down with UK’s finest vert rider Simon Tabron, where he talks about his path to progression with removing pegs and brakes and how he is always improving his style and tricks he is doing. Of course they did not forget to mix everything up with some proper vert riding, huge airs and style.
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Face Time With Simon Tabron

Really awesome video interview with Simon Tabron that ESPN put together, where he talks about landing his fist 540, 900, about the epic session, best vert ramp and dream job, along with that there are plenty of awesome slow mo shots of him shredding verts.
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