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Simone Barraco “Barcelona Days” – The Shadow Conspiracy

Finally, Simone Barraco’s fresh new video he filmed in the best place in the world, Barcelona, Spain, for The Shadow Conspiracy has dropped. It is really hard to describe the level of Simone’s riding – he is going so extremely technical, but yet really wild and crazy. So much trick combos and lines i nhere and I think a few never before done moves also. The nose many hop nose many to bar was insane. But this is just one of many stunts that will make you go “WOOOW.”
Now hit play and see what Simone Barraco managed to film. You will be stoked, I guarantee you.
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Shadow Conspiracy Crew At Simple Session 2014

Here are three minutes of amazing riding form Shadow Conspiracy crew doing it at this year’s version of the Simple Session event, the “best” contest of the year. Drew Bezanson, Trey Jones, Simone Barraco, Lahsaan Kobza, Paul Ryan and Joris Coulomb all pulled plenty of really good stunts with a couple serious highlights. But it is no secret that Drew Bezanson’s riding is just mental. Especially when it gets to that insane 270 drop from the massive sub-box into quarter piper. Shadow Conspiracy has an amazing team that covers everything, insane park stuff, technical grinding moves and creativity. I also really need to mention Trey Jones, there are some sweet tricks and trick combos in here from him. I really liked the manual to backwards manual to manual. Barraco’s up nose many to tail tap to backwards nose many was also sick as hell.
Giving a short comment on the Shadow Conspiracy team, they are all just incredible riders.
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Subrosa Noster 2 Frame Available In April 2014

Simone Barraco’s signature Subrosa Noster frame got some changes and will now come out as the Noster version 2 frame, that will be available in April 2014. The frame will be made for technical riding, but it will also be strong enough to hold all your big drops and gaps. For a better front wheel control it will feature a 75.5° headtube, which is slightly steeper than the previous model. The frame will have smaller dropouts, so you won’t need to worry about bending your frame. One more very important thing that this frame will also feature, it will come in a brakeless version only option, so that means it will look very clean and smooth. Stay tuned for more news.

Mediocre At Best Leftovers

Mediocre At Best is a full length DVD that is available now at and this is promotional mixtape made out of leftover clips, that will definitely made you buy that DVD. featuring riding from Joey Motta, Bryan Baker, Zuka, Lil Matty, Matt Gistinger, Tony Malouf, Joey Torres, Simone Barraco, Ewhip, Bosshog, Travis Cordova, Dawson Clark, Cody Clark, Bill Murray and many many more.
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Nike X Figure – Lisbon

NIKE X Figuré from figuré bmx on Vimeo.

Are you ready to see Alex Kennedy, Joris Coulomb and Simone Barraco in action shredding the streets of Lisbon? At first you get this feeling that these are behind the scenes, but they are not, this is the final product and it is simply amazing. Riding, the scene, raw clips, cops and more. I am 100% sure you will really enjoy this one. Guys over at Figure BMX did an amazing job.
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Shadow Conspiracy – KIL In Review

2013 was a busy year for The Shadow Conspiracy crew, being all over the United States making Keep It Local tours as sick as possible. Here is a collection of the footage filmed on tours featuring Trey Jones, Simone Barraco, Lahsaan Kobza, Johnny Devlin, Ben Hucke, Seth Kimbrough, Drew Bezanson, Eric Bahlman, Albert Mercado, Mark Burnett and Jono Hoping.
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Subrosa “Get Used To It” Full DVD

We have seen it section by section, but it is now here, in full, as a pre-new year gift for the world, Subrosa uploaded the Get Used To It video on Youtube for your viewing pleasure. Featuring riding from Lahsaan Kobza, Simone Barraco, Joris Coulomb, Mark Mulville, Kyle Hart and Scott Ditchburn, plus Eli Platt, Raphael Jeroma-Williams, Boy Janssen, Ryan Sher, Greg D’Amico, Greg Smee and Nick Bullen.
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Simone Barraco In Cuba – Making Of

Here is a great behind the scenes/making of video from Simone Barraco and Hadrien Picard’s Cuban adventure, filmed all on a Nokia Lumia 1020. If you know what you are doing you pretty much don’t need some super high technology to film a good edit, only a proper smart phone.
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Subrosa – Woodward West B-Sides

Subrosa team riders Lahsaan Kobza, Hoang Tran, Kyle Hart, Simone Barraco and Bobby Kanode worked hard on making the best possible video as part of the “Woodward West Shootout” contest and it looks like it really paid of since they won it. To treat you guys with some more goodness, they put together clips that had left over from the filming. Fun stuff, random stuff and some awesome riding stuff. Enjoy.
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Subrosa “Get Used To It” – Simone Barraco Section

I know everyone was waiting for this one to drop on the web. Well here you have it now, Simone Barraco’s section from the Subrosa “Get Used To It” video. This is Simone’s second web appearance today and I am quite sure no one will complain. Super smooth, super stylish, technical and wild, Simone’s section is one of my favorite. Enjoy.
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