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Red Bull Team At X Games 18

Red Bull athletes Garrett Reynolds, Bruno Hoffmann, Simone Barraco, Drew Bezanson, Daniel Dhers, Bas Keep and Kevin Robinson talking about the X Games 18 along with the clips from street, park and big air.
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Torino Street Style 2012

Nosoccer TV captured the best moments of the Torino Street Style 2012 that recently went down in the center of the city at Piazza Castello. Simone Barraco took the win, so expect some great riding from him, Stefan Lantschner and also from other competitors.
A tip, make sure you check the ender.
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Simone Barraco Bike Check

Italy’s finest street rider, 21-year-old Simone Barraco has a bike check up on Ride BMX, showing you guys his signature Subrosa Noster setup. Take a look at this machine here.

Miles Rogoish’s V-X Games Los Angeles

I can easily say this are the best highlights from the 2012 X Games street competition, brought to you by Miles Rogoish and his VX. Seat back, relax and be amazed.
“During BMX Street at X Games Los Angeles last week, Miles Rogoish decided to capture the action on his trusty old VX camera, along with some behind the scenes shenanigans. In case you missed out on watching street at X Games Los Angeles, this video highlights each invited rider from start to finish. Footage includes riding Stevie Churchill, Simone Barraco, Alex Kennedy, Jeremiah Smith, Sean Sexton, Rob Wise, Bruno Hoffmann, Dakota Roche, Chad Kerley and five-time X Games gold medalist Garrett Reynolds. There are minimal fist bumps, and maximum toothpick hangovers to 180 in this video.”– Brian Tunney, ESPN
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Simone Barraco Bike Check

Shadow Conspiracy made a bike check with their Italian shredder Simone Barraco and his bike that he was rocking at 2012 X Games. Take a peek at his signature Noster frame, his Penumbra series seat along with all other Shadow and Subrosa parts.

2012 X Games Street Highlights

2012 X-Games Street Highlights – More BMX Videos

Prepare yourself for another run of 2012 X Games street highlights featuring Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Dakota Roche, Stevie Churchill, Jeremiah Smith, Simone Barraco, Rob Wise and more. It is absolutely unbelievable how good these riders are.
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2012 X Games Street Finals Video & Results

Street finals of 2012 X Games already went down and seeing all these guys ride is completely unbelievable. Here are the highlights featuring Alex Kennedy, Bruno Hoffmann, Chad Kerles, Dakota Roche, Garrett Reynolds, Jeremiah Smith, Rob Wise, Sean Sexton, Simone Barraco and Stevie Churchill.
Find the results after the jump.
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Simone Barraco Interview

Italy’s finest street rider Simone Barraco has an interview up on Ride BMX where he talks about the X Games, his time in America, his new sponsor Red Bull, his signature seat and more.

Shadow Simone Barraco “Penumbra” Seat Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of Simone Barraco’s signature colorway of Shadow Conspiracy’s Penumbra pivotal seat. Simone is in Los Angeles right now to get his things done at the X Games.

Simone Barraco Subrosa Ad

Subrosa’s latest print ad features their pro rider Simone Barraco with a sweet tuck no-hander out of a tree and their Villicus forks. This ad ran in The Albion, Ride BMX and the back cover of Ride UK.