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Shadow Conspiracy “Keep It Local” Tour – Calgary Video

Shadow Conspiracy’s Simone Barraco, Lahsaan Kobza, Trey Jones and New Zealand’s Jono Hopping went on a trip to Calgary back in August, as part of the Keep It Local tour, hitting all bunch of super rad spots and nailed down crazy big amount of amazing moves. All four simply killed it, each with his own style. You don’t want to miss this one guys.
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Shadow Conspiracy Keep It Local Tour – Canada

The Shadow Conspiracy riders Simone Barraco, Trey Jones, Lahsaan Kobza and Jono Hopping are going to Calgary, Canada for the Keep It Local tour. They will do two shops stops, one at the BP Cycle and Sport and the other at the BMX Gallery. You can find more info above.

Simone Barraco Is Beatin’ The Heat

Simone Barraco – Beatin’ the Heat – More BMX Videos

Even if it is hot in Arizona Simone Barraco will still come out with plenty of hot moves. Check him out, shredding this nice front yard flat and rail setup. This is only one minute and thirty two seconds long, but damn, it is crazy good. Simone murdered it. The bar to ice to crank flip was my favorite.
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Simone Barraco Bike Check

You know what you will do now? You will go to The Shadow Conspiracy web site and you will check the bike Simone Barraco was riding during their Woodward Week. Why this is that important? Because you will see prototype products you won’t see anywhere else.

2013 X Games Los Angeles – Street Finals Highlights + Results

Even if the course for the 2013 X Games Los Angeles street course wasn’t the biggest, riders sure went big and insane and especially technical with their riding. 6 minutes of insane riding from Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Jeremiah Smith, Ty Morrow, Simone Barraco and others in the video highlights from Ride BMX above and 5 minutes from Vital below. Look below for the finals results.

2013 X Games Los Angeles – Street Finals Results:
1. Garrett Reynolds
2. Chad Kerley
3. Jeremiah Smith
4. Ty Morrow
5. Simone Barraco
6. Dennis Enarson

X-Games LA: Street Finals – More BMX Videos

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2013 X Games Los Angeles Street – Day 3 By Vital

X-Games LA: Street Day 3 – More BMX Videos

Here is a collection of clips gathered during the third and last day of the street practice at the 2013 X Games Los Angeles from riders like Stevie Churchill, Simone Barraco, Sean Sexton, Bruno Hoffmann, Dakota Roche and others. The qualifying and finals will be heavy.
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Subrosa In Atlanta Video

Here is now the video we have all been waiting for, the video from the Subrosa crew’s week spent in Atlanta. Simone Barraco, Lahsaan Kobza, Scott Ditchburn, Nick Bullen, Kye Hart and Mark Mullvile all destroyed every inch of Atlanta and here is the collection of clips they managed to film. Seat back, relax and enjoy this thirteen minutes long video. Well, enjoy.
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2013 X Games Los Angeles Street – Day 2 Practice

X-Games Street: Day 2 – More BMX Videos

More madness from the 2013 X Games Los Angeles street, this time from the second day of practice. Action from Chad Kerley, Ty Morrow, Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Simone Barraco, Jeremiah Smith and others.

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2013 X Games LA Street – Day 1

X-Games Street: Day 1 – More BMX Videos

Expect a lot of coverage in the upcoming day from the 2013 X Games 2013. We have already seen two videos from the street practice session and here is something more and there will also be another one posted after a few posts. Garrett Reynolds, Ty Morrow, Simone Barraco, Jeremiah Smith and more murdering it. Jeremiah’s bar to feeble to downside tailwhip is still one of the most ridiculous moves I’ve seen in a while.
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2013 X Games Los Angeles Street Practice By Ride BMX

Here is something more from the 2013 X Games Los Angeles street practice featuring Garrett Reynolds, Sean Sexton, Chad Kerley, Dakota Roche, Simone Barraco, Jeremiah Smith and others. Really really heavy riding went down during practice and it looks like the qualifying and finals will be very crazy. That last move from Jeremiah… no words.
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