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Game Of B.I.K.E. – Bruno Hoffmann Vs Simone Barraco

Game of B.I.K.E.: Bruno Hoffmann vs Simone Barraco a BMX video by freedombmx

Freedom BMX filmed a Game Of B.I.K.E. with Bruno Hoffmann and Simone Barraco, while Simone was in Germany for his Shadow Conspiracy trip. They picked the tree stairs setup at Cologne’s Media Park and started pulling some tech manual moves.
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Shadow Conspiracy At Our House

We posted trailer for the Shadow Conspiracy’s Our House edit two days ago and today is the day when the edit drops. Simone Barraco, Lahsaan Kobza, Paul Ryan and Josh Roberts pulled all sorts of crazy grind combos and lines that you must not miss. So much good stuff that I don’t really know which is my favorite, all?
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Shadow Conspiracy At Our House Teaser

During Shadow Conspiracy’s UK tour the crew, including Simone Barraco, Paul Ryan, Josh Roberts and Lahsaan Kobza, got invited to Seventies’ Our House ramps, where they spent two days filming for the now very famous “At Our House” edit. This is just a teaser for the edit that will drop very soon featuring crashes and frustrations.
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Simone Barraco The Shadow Conspiracy Ad

This is Shadow Conspiracy’s latest print ad featuring Italian rider Simone Barraco pulling a flair at the famous hook during the DNVR OMLTS trip earlier this year, promoting their Multi Tool. You will be seeing it in Ride BMX issue 185 and The Albion issue 9.

Lahsaan Kobza Europe Edit

Lahsaan Kobza spent a month in Europe with the Shadow Conspiracy crew, filming for their upcoming DVD and also to film this new edit for Blunted Athletic. Special guest appearance from Jack O’Reilly, Simone Barraco, Paul Ryan, Slayer Tom and Ryan Chadwick.
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Shadow Conspiracy – Simone Barraco Scrappin’ Edit

Last winter Shadow Conspiracy’s Simone Barraco spent a month in beautiful Barcelona, Spain, chilling, partying and of course riding. During that time he filmed some stuff, but from his eyes all that was scrap footage that should not came out. On the recent trip in Germany, Simone showed these clips to Ryan Chadwick and he immediately started with the editing cause these are some damn good clips, that shouldn’t be missed.
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Best Of Simone Barraco

I don’t know how this guy Ibikens is, but he sure is a big fan of Simone Barraco, because he put together this almost twelve minutes long best of edit of him featuring footage from 2009 to 2012. All you Barraco fans, enjoy.
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Shadow England Keep It Local Tour 2012

Shadow Conspiracy’s Simone Barraco, Owain Clegg, Josh Roberts, Paul Ryan and Lahsaan Kobza will be touring around England next week for the 2012 Keep It Local tour. They will be stopping at Brighton BMX Shop, London’s DUB Jam and Rampworks skatepark. For more info check above flyer.

Kevin Kalkoff Presents: By The Lake

Official video highlights from the By The Lake contest that was hosted by Van’s Kevin Kalkoff two weeks ago in Annecy, France. Really really great riding from Matt Priest, Matt Roe, Ben Hennon, Simone Barraco, Joris Coulomb, Alex Valentino and many more.
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Shadow Germany KIL Tour 2012

Shadow Conspiracy’s Simone Barraco, Lahsaan Kobza, Paul Ryan and Björn Elvering will be on the “Keep It Local Tour” 2012 visiting four different shops in Germany in the first half of August. Read all the informations on the above flyer.